Third try

Last year during a sale I came across several skirts
I fell in love with, which were all at least 2 sizes bigger than 
what I normally wear.
I bought them anyways.

Anne Klein skirt - Black top DNA - Daniblack shoes - Black patent vintage bag

One of them was this Anne Klein skirt.
The fabric is thick, the skirt is well constructed and it has pockets...

The first time around (left) I wore it and it looked big and frumpy.
The second time around I held it up with a belt, but I was tucking and 
pulling on it all day long.

One trip to the tailor and my skirt now fits well.
Sometimes you have to try several times before you get things
right, in this case, sometimes you just have to take things to the tailor
immediately ....


Mica said...

It looks great on you - glad your tailor could make it fit :)

A Very Sweet Blog said...

I knew you were going to take it to your fabulous tailor! It's a great skirt. :D

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I agree with you - so much better in the second photo. Fits like a glove.

Imogen said...

That's great. I just took a couple of my skirts to the tailor and it makes such a difference; really opens up a whole new realm of outfit opportunities.

ana said...

Que bárbara mujer te ves guapísima! la falda ahora te queda genial y con esa blusita sin mangas te ves super elegante! siii llevar las cosas a arreglar da flojera pero los resultados lo valen jeje yo igual tengo una bolsa de ropa que no he llevado a arreglar

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Beautiful skirt! I like the purply black pattern!