It took a glance in the mirror to confirm that
a polo shirt, jeans and black tassel loafers looked manly.

Talbot jeans - Tommy Hilfiger black polo shirt -
Nine West black tassels loafer - Roberto Cavalli black bag
However due to lack of time and a lot of
I-really-don't-care I walked out the house like this.

The jeans will not be seen again.

I am quite unhappy with my manly look.


A Very Sweet Blog said...

You look good! Definitely not like a man. HaHaHa

Chronically Vintage said...

You look wonderful - and not overly masculine at all. You have such lovely curves, feminine features, and hair that I don't think you could ever look like a man.

♥ Jessica


I so love your loafers! I don't have a single pair in my closet, and soooo want to finally track some vintage appropriate ones down this year.

Anonymous said...

Lorena, I really don't think you could look 'manly' if you tried! You're so naturally feminine!