Review: My 2012 Purchases

I began tracking my purchases sometime in 2010
after I had already started the blog.
But, in a more formal way in 2011.
By "formal" I mean, taking pictures of everything I bought,
how much I paid for it and documenting it through 
my monthly purchases posts.
So, that's how I know that this year I bought:
4 Bags
14 Pairs of shoes
28 tops
11 Trousers
6 Skirts
12 dresses
3 belts
3 scarves
10 neckacles
3 pairs of sunglasses
5 rings
When I compare this to the clothes I got rid of during this year 
(aka 2012 closet edits) in general I gave away MORE than I bought.
For example I purchased 28 tops and gave away 59 tops.
I find this very positive.
When I compare my 2012 vs 2011 purchases
In 2012 I bought 14 pairs of shoes while in 2011 I bought 25 pairs!
In 2012 11 trousers and in 2011 19 trousers.
In general there is a tendency...

My favorite purchase of 2012 ?
I don't have one.

Purchase regrets...
I don't want to go there :)

Finally, money wise - I had not set a budget.
But after checking my numbers: I spent less  !
268.49 USD less than last year.
My 2012 total was more or less 1,725.67 USD
which is about 4.75 USD per day.
My goal for 2013 is to set a budget, 
which is 1,400.00 USD
Let's see how that goes.


Elegance Personified said...

WOW Lorena, you are such a motivated shopper as well as a motivated purger. I love how you carefully think your buys/purchases as well as what you give away.

Here is to a better, more productive, not very expensive yet STYLISH 2013!!

Kristen said...

I am not brave enough to track the spending too. Yet. :)

No favorite purchase? Awww...