5 Days before Christmas

It's 5 days before Christmas.
All my presents are wrapped and 
now I am just preparing a strategy to deliver them.

Saltworks jeans - Nathalie B. yellow button down shirt - DC Shoes burgundy sweater -
Me too burgundy loafers
I am doing it at night time.

My strategy ?
I get home, wait until the traffic diminishes and
head out to visit friends and deliver the gifts.

How are you doing 5 days before Christmas ?


The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Sounds like a plan. Love the berry shades.

Well... said...

Eeee, those loafers are so perfect with that sweater - love it!

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Jenava said...

These jeans are so flattering on you, and I like the color mix.

Out strategy is to invite our friends to our house. (-: