My purchases in 2011

Unlike the first 6 months of year 2010, when I did a self imposed shopping ban 
in 2011 I decided to set myself free and not control my purchasing habits.
No limits, no restrains.
I chose not to control and just monitor

So, I did.
Month by month when I bought something I
took note of how much I spent and what it was.

As you may or may not have noticed I spent very little on 
each item. I make an effort to buy items when they are on sale
and I do not buy expensive labels.

So taking the above into consideration I thought I would
not spend that much.

But, then I started adding what I spent each month...

well I was quite surprised.

Here is the list of what I bought during the year:

19 dresses.

7 skirts

19 trousers (pants, jeans, shorts...)
Some pants had to be hemmed.
I did not consider that cost in the final number as it would 
only make it more complicated.

44 tops (blazers, cardigans, shirts, tshirts...)

7 bags

16 pairs of shoes.

My total was 1,994.16 USD, which I honestly find outrageous.

Sure, some people spend that on a bag or a pair of shoes but 
I am not one of those people.

So, after seeing the amount I spent and also seeing that
I have over thirty unworn garments with their tags on, I 
decided to start a shopping ban.

It's not a new year's resolution, it's just my reaction.
Maybe I'll stop the shopping ban as soon as I wear all these items.
Maybe I will hold the ban for 6 months.
Maybe I'll just replace items or do the one garment in-one garment out method.
Maybe I'll set a budget.

At this point I am just glad that I am aware.

When you are aware of something you can act upon it.

I am no longer in the dark in regards to my shopping habits.

I have seen the light :)


Patti said...

That's the way! Just be *aware*, then you can make choices that make sense for you. According to stats, you are still well below the average of $3,000 per year for US women!

LyddieGal said...

And I bet it never even seemed like that much while you were shopping!
And since you did a lot of editing while you were shopping, it probably all seemed to balance out...

but i guess to look at the total its a little astounding, and I think the worst part is the unworn items.

this past year I didn't end up with anything unworn, but there were five tops and one necklace that I only wore once, which bothers me.

Carla said...

I'm too scared to count how much i bought or how much I spent! LOL
i'm like you, I don't spend hundreds on items but I shop ALOT lol

Sheila said...

As long as you are regularly cleaning out your closet and wearing the things that you buy, I don't find spending that amount of money on clothes outrageous at all.

Lots of people have hobbies that cost more than that; think of fashion as your hobby. :)

just tututiny said...

Great haul, love your blog!

Hope you had a wonderful new year my dear!

Melanie said...

I agree with Sheila. If you are wearing your purchases, you enjoy shopping, and this is an expense you can afford then this amount is reasonable.

However, I do greatly admire your restraint and your ability to recognize what might be excessive for you personally.

Megan Mae said...

I agree with Sheila. I think so long as you are regularly getting rid of the unworn, ill-fitting, worn out, and wearing all the new stuff no biggie.

However, since you said you have a bunch of unworn stuff - go dive in!

I'm planning on restarting my ban after my birthday. 6 months sounds like a great limit.

Kristen said...

I am with Sheila too.
What amazes me is the number of each item; I shop way way more than you so now I am wondering how many pieces I would buy in a year! I think this year I might keep track, just to see. Thanks for the idea!

Elegance Personified said...

What a great way tracking your purchases. I envy your organization in this aspect. I can easily said I doubled what you spent on shopping, last year. I spent over 2500$ alone at White House Black Market (where I worked part time for about 10 months, last year). It is sad when I think about it now, too, but I probably spent at least $6000.00 on clothes to say the least and I still have A TON of unworn items, accessories, and such. I should and hope to be A LOT MORE FRUGAL in 2012. Crossing my fingers, pray for me Lorena (I am a shop-aholic). I would like to see in detail full photos of each item you purchased in 2012, do you have such previous posts perhaps?

Jenava said...

I am just planning ahead. I have taken stock of my wardrobe and made a list of the types of items I think I need for the rest of the year (replacing my white jeans, a dressy white tank, black wedge pumps, etc) and I'll only buy things from my list this year. No impulse buys. I cannot STAND to waste money, although I am OK with spending a lot on a single item if it's beautiful, unique and well made. I hate it when I buy something and it turns out not to work but I can't return it! I want all the things I own to be well-worn and loved. I feel like right now I have a lot of things in my closet that are nice but that I don't wear...I hate that!

Delane said...

after a year of not shopping, I eased up last year. Well, I'm back on the band this year. Until I get to my goal weight I'm not buying any more clothes!! PERIORD.

I think what ever people want to spend is their business, they should just do it within their budget.