3 Wise Men

When I was growing up, for us the holidays officially ended
on January 6th, the day of Three Wise Men.

Levi's jeans - white t shirt with knitted embellishments by Mojca - Eileen Fisher lavender cardigan
Purple flats American Eagle for Payless - Purple bag Kenneth Cole Reaction 
The 3 wise men or the 3 kings - as they are also known- arrived
Jesus' birthplace on this day and presented him with gifts of:
 myrrh, gold and incense.
So, on January 6th children also receive gifts.

I remember that the day before the wise men "arrived", sometimes we 
would go out and get dry grass.
We would then place it by our bedside so when
the camels the wise men rode on came, 
they could get something to eat.
(nothing for Melchor, Gaspar or Balthazar!)

To this day I can actually remember waking up to scattered grass path that
went all the way to the entrance... meaning that the wise man had come and that the camels ate the grass and left some on their way out.

The joy to be a child !


Biba said...

O, I love it, Lorena! And it's my birthday, so thank you for the lovely surprise!

La Mary said...

Nena, aqui se les deja un platito de leche para los camellos y unas galletitas para los reyes!!!!
Yo creia que por ahi no se celebraba este dia.
Besitos bomobon! Y si, me costo solo dos euros el pantalon...

Megan Mae said...

What a cute story. I love hearing about people's holiday traditions. Your tee and bag are so cute.

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

I had never heard this story before - thank you for sharing. You look very pretty in your floral tee!

Adriana said...

Very pretty detail on that top :)
You look great!

Little Petite

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Lorena,

Nice story, always interesting to find out about someone childhood.
I was reading your other post about how much you spent on clothes this year, i think i spent as much! But i am not imposing myself a shopping ban, i could not! The best i could do is 2 weeks!
You said in your comment on my blog that you were in Germany at the same time as me? Where were you? I was in Lahr, a Canadian Forces base now closed.

Lots of friendship

Ariane x

Stacey said...

Thank you for sharing that really cool tradition from your childhood, that is a really neat way to celebrate. I had not ever heard of this :) oh, I almost forgot - Love the nail polish :)

Elegance Personified said...

That T-Shirt is adorable and I love the whimsical feel of it. I also know for the fact the holidays end on Jan 6th which is otherwise (in the bible) known as the day of the blessing of the water. The water gets blessed at church by the priest and it is good to take some of that blessed water and spray your house with it, to bless the home for the entire year. Jan 6th is known as the last of the 40 days of XMas and the day when you are supposed ti take down the Christmas Tree and decorations. Hope to be able to take them down on Monday. LOL