My 2011 closet edits

I originally started my "Closet Edit" posts sometime
in mid 2010.

Unlike many people I know who sit down once a year
and just turn their closet upside down and at the end have 
6 black trash bags full of goodies...

Well, I do it every month.
Just a few pieces at a time.

I continue giving clothes a chance and usually wear them one last time before letting go. 
Turns out this has allowed me to experience some hideous outfits 
which end up convincing me that they garment has to go.

It`s 2012 and I thought I'd look back at what left my closet in 2011:

I got rid of 25 pairs of shoes.

I gave away 25 tops 
(this includes t shirts, tanks, button downs, jackets, cardigans..)

11 bottoms (shorts, bermudas, jeans, trousers)

3 Belts left my closet.

7 Bags found a new home.

4 dresses

Various accessories: pendants, necklaces, earrings

I have no regrets (so far!) of the clothes, shoes, accessories that I have let go.

I plan to continue editing.

So, tell me about your edits...


Anonymous said...

It's kind of weird, but I always think of your closet edit posts when I get rid of something now! Today I dropped a large bag of my husband's items off, but I don't think anything of mine made it in there.

Sheila said...

I don't record my edits, but it's pretty even; what goes in is about the same number as what goes out. My year of one-in, one-out really helped me lose the emotional attachment to clothes. Even now, if an item isn't working (even a pair of Manolos!), it's gone to the consignment store.

Kristen said...

Again, totally fascinated by the total numbers through the year. I've started a small bag of donations in my closet, and even though I actually donate them in a big lump, I edit it out of my closet slowly over time.