Polo !
Today is day 4 of wearing a polo to work and trying to make it
appropriate, acceptable.
Today is super casual as I will only work half day as
I have an appointment for a deluxe mani and pedi that includes neck rub.
I cannot wait for that !
The other stuff I have to do is boring and not my piece of
cake but nevertheless need to get done:
File complaints, seamstress, car shop, supermarket...
you get the idea.
White jeans GAP · Yellow belt F21· Yellow Tote Liz Claiborne · Ralph Lauren Polo· 
Purple flats American Eagle by Payless

Honestly speaking I do not think I could get away with wearing this to work if it weren't for my office's very lenient dress code.
What do you think ?
Could you get this away with this ?


Sheila said...

Hee, I used to love that game!

I totally think my work would allow this outfit (it's business casual dress code). It's very chic, clean lines, wonderful use of colour!

Enjoy your pampering, hon, you deserve it!

Frances Joy said...

I'm a volunteer half the week and the other half I'm in an environment where some of my coworkers wear shorts. I could get away with pretty much ANYTHING, though I do dress up for volunteer work.

I love the colors of this outfit, especially that yellow belt. And enjoy that mani/pedi! I'm so overdue....

LaToya said...

Ahhh a spa day sounds great! Jealous. I hope you enjoy yourself. I need to get to the supermarket as well. Nothing boring about that! I would totally wear that outfit to work! Love that your rocking white jeans :)


Iris said...

I could totally get away with this but, my office is very casual as well...

Shybiker said...

Totally work-acceptable. This is a beautiful shirt. Its quality looks more formal than cheap brands.

LyddieGal said...

I think this look is work appropriate, but I guess it all depends on what your office standards are.

I love that shade of blue with the bright yellow!

Chic on the Cheap

Carla said...

your outfit reminds me of summer =)
summer is over here =(
btw...yessss Diego is back...came back 4 weeks ago =)