Polo goes to work

I was up late last night watching CNN.
They had LIVE the rescue of the Chilean miners that had 
been trapped in a mine for 69 days, 33 men.
It was amazing, I cannot tell you the emotion I felt every time one
of them was pulled out of the ground, I think they were 
about 700 meters deep.
As I write they are still being brought up, one miner per hour.

Today I am continuing with my "wearing a polo" to work series.
Just a white polo by Liz Claiborne with a jean skirt by Zara.
Dressed it up with my green striped jacket is George, from Walmart.
Purple flats American Eagle from Payless and yellow tote is Liz Claiborne.

 It's my least favorite outfit from this series.
I added silver accessories which were a gift from a friend that
I have not seen in a few years now.
And I had to include these girls who were as excited as me
as the miners were being rescued on live tv.
Besides all the help they had from the outside, I think
that only one thing kept the miners going at it was


Sheila said...

Your pups are so cute.

I know, it's so hugely emotional to see those men finally be able to hug their families!

Dr. Da said...

You are really rocking these polo looks. This one may be my favorite polo look yet!

drollgirl said...

i hope all of those miners were safely rescued! it was in progress this morning when i was listening to the radio. what a life changing event. and i would bet a large amount of money that most (if not ALL) never want to mine again.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to suggest you to wear polo with a formal jacket, and here you are, wearing it already. I think it looks lovely too. Still, my favourite is the first look with a purple cardigan.

Shybiker said...

Yes, the Chilean miner rescue was very moving.

LaToya said...

I like it! Esp. that blazer . . . drooling! I wish I owned more polos now. And what cute dogs!


Frances Joy said...

I actually like this outfit. I think it's the green jacket that does it for me. Loooove green! I watched the coverage some last night and then again this evening. I tell you, every man that came out, I cried. What a miracle, right? I agree, nothing but faith could've kept them going so long. What a story!


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Mrs G said...

You look fab today. I love that look.
We have been following the miner's story here in Liverpool. It is a perfect story with a dramatic climax and happy ending.How often does that happen in real life? I just hope they cope with their ordeal in the coming months.
Jane, Small Fabric Of My Life

LyddieGal said...

I can't believe they were trapped for so long - it's got to be such a relif.

I think you are doing well with your polos, it's important to utilize your wardrobe!

Bombshellicious said...

The outfit looks lovely Lorena. I too was watching the miners absolutely amazing am so glad they all came out safely xx