Friday's Polo Shirt

This week the main idea was to wear polos to work 
and making them acceptable to this environment.
You know, I think I kind of pulled it off.
Something really funny is that nobody seems to 
have noticed that I wore a polo to work every single day of this week.
If they have noticed, they have not said a word.
Today I am wearing a white Izod brand polo with puffy sleeves.
Since it is white it was a really basic piece, I chose to dress it up by
 adding a layer: a black Zara pullover vest.
I thought about wearing this with black trousers but, come on it's 
Friday and I have a Doctor's appointment this afternoon, I want
to be as comfortable as I can.
My choice was to wear Levi's jeans, they are a remake of a 1970's model 
called Sandybell and black heel sandals from BGBG.
Of course my go to bag: Liz Claiborne tote.
My accessories are gold toned earrings, a vintage Invicta watch
and my new Forever 21 Bicycle necklace.
Isn't it fun ?
 I have a few polos left in my closet that I did not get to wear, so that MIGHT just inspire me
to take this series into the weekend... we'll see about that !


Emilie Delance said...

Cute outfit! Love the necklace, very cool! And cute doggy too :D

Jan said...

The necklace is lovely ,and todays polo is very posh ,hmm nice Jan xx

Frances Joy said...

Loooove that necklace! It really is a fun piece. The sleeves on that polo are just adorable.

Frances said...

I don't care much for polo shirts. I do, however, really like this outfit. Great job!

Carla said...

Uhhhh love the necklace! Cute puppy :)

Anonymous said...

white polo + black vest = awesome
Those sleeves are great!
I see you've got quite a lot of polo shirts :D

[vanilla with sprinkles] said...

Hi Lorena~
Love your peep toe shoes with your jeans. Great outfit~

Shybiker said...

Nobody would think you're wearing a polo shirt -- it's such an integral part of a cute outfit that it disappears into the overall whole.

That bicycle necklace is adorable! And it's a great focus-point for the outfit.

LyddieGal said...

This one is the cutest polo yet!
It's the sleeves, just so sweet!

And yes, the bicycle necklace is all kinds of awesome.

ana said...

Te ves super cute!

Anonymous said...

love this 70's look!