Sunday Wear

Sunday was non stop rain.
- Jeans Unionbay
- Ed Hardy wanna be tank
- Pink polka dot cardigan Forever 21
- White sandals Peru
- Yellow bag Lulu

In case you were wondering, the eviction was possible this time.
It took several hours and went off rather smoother than I expected.
Happens the tenant's mom died and she took over her dead mom's
apartment which is across the street. If her mother had not died she
would have been on the street. That is what I think made it smoother.
I will not go into details on how the place looks. 
I will leave that for another post.
 I can only say this place cannot be inhabited for months 
and only after tons of repair$. 
I cannot even tell you about the smell.
It stinks. 
For now, let's just say I am happy she is out.


Bombshellicious said...

At least its all done with now as regards to the tenant, think about everything else at a later date and dont stress out about even though u must be mad about it xx

Meli22 said...

first off: lovely outfit. That cardigan goes with everything!

I am so glad to hear you got her out safely. I hope you sue her for back rent & damages. Take lots of pictures.

Sending you positive thoughts <3

KATHY said...

muy linda con su bolso amarillo..besos