Happy Birthday Blog

I had been looking forward to this day.
It's a birthday, my blog's birthday.
(The "official day" passed and I missed it)
Even though I began this blog as just a place to post outfits, 
it also became a place for simple writing. Writing I had not done for long.
I had thought of things to do on this day.
Just something small to say "thank you" to all of 
you who stop and take the time to read
and comment.
But, it did not happen.
Many things are going on.
Not just my car which is at the VW dealership: 
window, engine, air conditioner and who knows what else...
Yes, what else.. check the air bag light turned on !
My mother in law's condition is not getting better (she has cancer)  
Also, I just realized that a family member has been taking 
advantage of my grandmother, financially speaking.
This, I will deal with tonight.
I also have the eviction nightmare coming up on tomorrow morning. 
Not to mention the "unpleasant surprise" of the 12 hour flight 
to Washington, D.C. which I will not even get into.
I am not going. Money right into the trash can.
So, I have many, many things on my plate right now
and to be honest I do not know how I am going to handle it all.
I have mixed feelings. I am angry.
I understand that things must be taken one at a time and
I also know there are things I cannot control.
So, let's see how this all ends.
Finally, one of the most common questions I have received throughout 
this year in Blogland is why I blur my face.
As I have said before, I live in a country that is not getting any safer. 
A country where you do not have to be wealthy to be kidnapped.
Anyone can be a target. 
Sometimes I ramble about personal things and 
places on the blog but, I try to keep a low profile.
I guess you have to be here to know.
Anyways, I thought it would be nice to finally "meet you" face to face
so you would know who Lorena of Lorena's Every Day Wear is.
Well, it's nice to meet you, it's been a pleasure !
Hugs and thank you for a great year.
Hopefully we will have more to come.


Miss Emma Kitty said...

You are Very Beautiful ! It is nice to finally meet you : )
I hope things with your car and with your family work out soon. I know how it is for Everything all at once to go wrong.

Andie said...

How fun to finally place a face!

I hope things improve for you. I lost my MIL to cancer last summer. :(

I'll be thinking of you!

Sheila said...

I knew you would be gorgeous, and you are! I totally understand your reasons for blurring, and I hope that one day you will be able to show yourself.

However, it sounds like a lot of awful stressful things are going on for you, hon. Sending you good vibes and hoping that you find the strength and serenity to deal.

A big happy anniversary on your blog - you are one of my favourites. :)


LyddieGal said...

It's wonderful to meet you! you are so gorgeous, and the one shouldered dress looks divine.

Sorry things are so crazy right now, I hope it all works out.

Happy Birthday Blog!

Chic on the Cheap

Franca said...

Happy bloggy birthday and how nice to see your face!

Good luck with all your stressful things. I think you already have the right frame of mind to tackle them all andou'll get through it stronger!

nurmisur said...

Happy blog anniversary.
It is very good to see a face and what a beautiful face it is.
Hope things in your life become easier, although you look like a strong person who can make the most of life.
Keep blogging.

Delane said...

Ha, I knew it! You're strikingly beautiful!!!

Sorry about all the not so great stuff going on in your life. When it rains it pours!

glad to meet you face to face :-)

Zabrinah said...

Happy blog birthday to you!

I'm praying for your mother in law.

Best wishes,


Kristen said...

Happy Blog-aversary!!! It's been a pleasure reading you this year, and seeing all the wonderful combos you put together.

My goodness, I could tell even from the blurred shots that you were a striking woman, but you are truly just STUNNING. Love those dimples, so glad we got to see those for once!

Bombshellicious said...

Lovely picture Lorena you are very pretty. Hope all personal issues resolve themselves soon and good luck with the eviction. Hugs to you xx

Elaine said...

Lorena, you are GORGEOUS. I'm so glad we finally saw your pretty face.

I'm so sorry about your MIL and all the things you have to go through. Just know it'll make you stronger in the end.

We're here for you!

drollgirl said...

oh my. you sure have a lot of hard stuff going on. argh!!! i wish i could help!!! chip away at some of these problems, and then i hope the good times roll in. wouldn't that be nice?!?!?

and i am so sorry to hear about your mother in law. cancer is just dastardly and so dreadful and so unfair.

and that is YOU?!? you are GORGEOUS! just beautiful!!!

p.s. i don't think you could pay me to get on a 12-hour flight. i had enough trouble flying for 3 hours, thinking i was going to LOSE MY MIND if i had to stay on that damn plane for one more second!!!

Meli22 said...

I also try to keep low profile, I rarely show my face on the blog.

I am so glad to meet you and finally see your face! :) You are very beautiful and have a stunning face- I imagined you more 'ordinary beautiful' LOL ;)

Sorry about all the terrible things oyu have been going through- things will get better!

Frances said...

Love the dress, make-up, hair...pretty much everything about this outfit! Plus I love that you finally showed us what you look like! Very pretty :)