Dressember ends

Kensie Girl Dress · Neiman Marcus tote
I was all excited about doing a dress week.
Well it's the end of it.
I will be taking a few days off from work to get 
some issues solved at the tax offices.
Happens that 3 years ago we sold our apartment 
and paid all of our taxes on it.
Daniblack shoes
Well the people at the tax office don't have record of
that, how convenient huh ?

Blue leather ring from market Argentina

Yes I know it totally sucks but, I need to get
that cleared.

Lapizlasuli silver pendant, gift from Grandma
Government offices here are the worst.
People who work in government are usually looked down to
and are referred to a mediocre.

Lapizlasuli silver earrings from street market in Peru

Hopefully, since the holidays are coming up, I will
find me a little angel to get this straightened out.
Speaking of holidays, here is a peek at
my tree...

Happy Tuesday !


ana said...

Tu vestido está precioso!!! muy elegante y femenino! y tu arbolito!!! toda la suerte con lo de tus impuestos!!!

Sheila said...

Oh that SUCKS, Lorena, I hope you are able to get it sorted out quickly.

You look amazing - I love that dress!

KATHY said...

Que combinacion tu vestido y las chatitas...lindo ..lindo ..y hermoso! besos Lore

Anonymous said...

Good luck getting that all straightened out. :(

But what a FABULOUS outfit! That dress is just divine!

drollgirl said...

love your dress! it is fantastic, and the colors look fab on you!

and i hope the tax issues get cleared up quickly and painlessly! and they owe you an apology! and maybe even a refund!

Frances Joy said...

Boo.... I hope you get things straightened out and it's not too much of a headache.

That dress is so cute, too. I have serious dress envy now.

LyddieGal said...

Awww, sorry about dressember. maybe you can resume next week?
Hope things get all straightened out!

Chic on the Cheap

Tere said...

Lorena! amazing dress, i really want it!


Iris said...

I love that dress on you, it really looks like it wass made for your body!

Anonymous said...

I guess dealing with government is always fuzzy and confusing. I'm glad you've got it sorted out now.
Let me just tell you, that I'm a huge huge fan of bows. I can't decide what I like the most, your flats or your dress. Beautiful!

Allie said...

That dress is too cute! Love it with those flats!