The IF in LIFe

There will always be a "lie" in believe,
an "over" in l
over an "end" in friends,
an "us" in tr
ust and an "if" in life...

I picked this quote from Jen's new blog: Bits of Truth
I absolutely love it, so I wanted to share.
Relating to this, do you have WHAT IF thoughts or are you the kind
of person that just moves on and never wonders  ?
In my case, sometimes I wonder..
What if I was younger ?
What if I had studied psychology ?
What if I had said the unsaid ?
What if ... ?
· Mossimo Jeans · Off white Carven tank top · Off white cardigan Junction West ·
Animal print peep toe flats Qupid · Floral Scarf Bijoux Terner · Marc Jacobs wanna be bag


Iris said...

I try not to focus on the "what if's" because my life would be completely different if I hadn't made the choices I did. While I don't think my life is perfect, I'm pretty happy with what I have and focusing on what could have been seems like a less productive use of my time...

ana said...

I think that question is very human and every single person has wonder what if something once in their life! you look great with the scarf!!

LyddieGal said...

Every time I make a descision, a parallel universe is created in which that Lydia makes the other choice. I'm sure there are millions of other universes by now, and sometimes I wish I could go visit them and see if they are better off than I.

Sheila said...

It's not the cards we are dealt, but how we play them. You can't waste your time on "ifs" - you are who you are because of the decisions you made in your life.

Awesome scarf, by the way.

@clobyclau said...

Me gusta tu cardigan ñ_ñ


Bombshellicious said...

We are what we r through things that have happened and we cant change the past but we can alter our future xx

milk tea girl said...

aw i love the quote~~thanks for sharing n_n

Kristen said...

That is a fabulous quote (and scarf, btw). I don't dwell much on what-if's unless I feel in my gut I made a mistake. Then I can't let it go.