Walking to the bank

I know it's a boring tittle but, it's actually what I 
did this morning before walking to work.
I walked because....
Yes, you guessed it: car is in the shop.
The air/c is officially dead, 
so, yes ching, ching, ching $$$$ !

I got a question from Jen at Slumber Designs on 
how else I have worn this brown stretch belt.
I actually went all the way back to when I began the blog
a little over a year ago and I have only worn it 4 times.
Who would have known !
If you scroll down you will see how this
belt has been worn.
Multi colored dress by Chadwicks · Brown peep toe flats Kenneth Cole Reaction ·
Bag Marc Jacobs wanna be · Brown stretch belt 

Here's the recap:


drollgirl said...

i love the dress!

and your a/c is out?! bleh! no a/c in the car in the summer is the worst!!! i hope it does not cost a bundle to fix it!

hope you have a nice weekend!

Sheila said...

Sorry to hear about your troubles - I hope you have a better weekend!

What a lovely dress! You look gorgeous.

LyddieGal said...

I hope it was at least a beautiful morning for a walk... sorry about your car troubles though!

I sometimes think it would be cool to keep a huge inventory of my closet and keep track of how much I wear things, and see what the cost per wear is. I often think about that when buying something... "If I wear this 10 times it will be completely worth it..."

Chic on the Cheap

ana said...

Que bonito vestido!!!