Totally Shameless

I am not ashamed to be wearing the same 
skirt as on Monday.
It's not like I rolled around in dirt with it.
Did I ?
· Blue Skirt To The Max · White puffy sleeve shirt · Brown animal print stretch belt ·
· Brown peep toe heels Christian Siriano for Payless · Bag Marc Jacobs wanna be ·
I now have a trick question.
What is the most you have worn something, 
ANYTHING before washing it... ?
I won't send the Health Ministry your way, 
I promise.
My answer to that question takes me back to high school.
I had been to a concert, specifically an Hombres G Concert.
(They are a Spanish rock band I adore, you can google them if you want)
I am too lazy to leave a link today.
After the concert I got to meet the guys, the whole band.
I had them sign my jeans.
I wore them forever. Refused to wash them as I did not 
want to lose the signatures.
It was also my most expensive pair of jeans at the time, 
they were PEPE brand.
I think I went 6 months without washing them.
I am actually upset right now as I am wondering WHERE these
ended up. Not like I could fit into them, but...
So, there's my story.
Tell me yours.


Franca said...

That's a funny story! I have a few woolen skirts which I wear lots and lots before washing, because I can't machine wash them, and handwashing is so labour intensive. i always make sure to wear stuff under them!

Sheila said...
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Sheila said...

I've had dresses that have never been washed, some dress pants too. For delicate fabrics, unless you get them actually dirty or spill something, an airing can be fine.

Love the gold accessories! Very chic.

Frances said...

I only wash my jeans after I wear them like 3 times. This can be a week or two weeks, or even three weeks. By the way, it's super awesome that you got meet a band that you love! I've always wanted to be that lucky :)
Oh and PS, I love your shoes.

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I love how you belted this look and those shoes look so chic!

Jen said...

I so need to find a belt like that!! It would look great with so many things! What else do you wear yours with??

Victoria said...

Oh, love this outfit, I have the same braclets :)

I think I've worn jeans a few times before washing and I often wear things twice before washing unless it

Megan Mae said...

Like Sheila - I have some items that are very very rarely or never been washed. I try to hang or drap them to air out. If it's particularly delicate, I try fabreeze or very gentle hand wash.

I love the Siriano heels! They're such a fun shape.