Guest Bathroom

Three years ago when we moved into a 35 year old 
apartment many things had to be either repaired 
or remodeled.
The guest bathroom was one of them. 
It was torn down and rebuilt entirely.
(I now wish I had taken "before" pictures)

The wall and floor tiles were replaced, new faucets 
lamp and mirror were installed.

Of course little details were added as a gel stick-on 
flower vase (on the mirror).

IKEA was my source for shelving, lighting, 
towel and toilet paper holders.
On the shelf I keep vintage bottles such as the
Listerine one which is probably my favorite.

This bathroom is rather small. 
It has a window in the shower area which is extremely
old and needs to be replaced.
Since we will not be replacing it for sometime, just chose
to install the tube that holds the shower curtain really high,
the closest to the ceiling.
Kept the regular curtain rod with a clear plastic 
curtain to maintain the textile one dry.
(which you can see due to back lighting)
The textile curtains are from IKEA and I guess they are 
meant for other living spaces but, they work well here.
One of my favorite things about this bathroom is the ceiling 
which is painted in a light green tone.

I would like to do other changes here, yes, specifically the
window and probably replace the door... it's amazing how
we are just NEVER DONE !
Well, maybe I should day I AM NEVER DONE.


Bombshellicious said...

Its loooking good Lorena xx

Jan said...

I think it is lovely ,and the day we say thats it we're done is the day ,we give up ,lol Jan xx

Savvy Gal said...

It is nice. : )