Simple or elaborated ?

If you had me choose between 
simple or elaborated decor I will
probably chose simple.

This dining room is a good example.
I think simple makes it easier for you to be functional.
Since by nature I am a collector - which 
usually leads to clutter - "simple" kind of helps
me stay balanced.
Now, don't get me wrong I appreciate
all those elaborated homes, with pillows,
throws, zillions of paintings hanging on the wall,
and colorful rugs, however just to think of all 
the cleaning involved I get a little jittery.

I think it also translates to what I wear..
I try to keep it simple.

How about you ?


Londyn said...

I love a clean, modern, simple look!

Mica T said...

I like simple furniture :) I also like to try and have things organised so everything has a place, but you'd never tell looking at my desk it's always so messy!

Oh, and I have a post here with a closeup of my monogram necklace if you wanted to see :)

his_girl_friday said...

I love this simple look.

LyddieGal said...

There is a fine line between elaborate decor and clutter. Of course I tend to get more clutter than anything else, so simple looks pretty darn good to me. I think it's wonderful you've achieved it in your dining room, and I love that table, so unique!

Chic on the Cheap

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

That looks gorgeous. Great Dining Room Table. Love the Red Bag hanging from the chair. =)

We live in a very small apartment so though I'd love to have it more simple, it's tough, especially adding a baby in the household. I have more stuff than I'd like. Though I like some of the accessories I have decorated with, I need to do less. Also, our sofas are too large for our place. They were given to us. They are cute enough but when we do replace them one day I will find something simpler, cleaner for sure.