Christmas 2010

Here are a few shots 
of the Christmas tree and other decoration
that I am still working on....

Ornaments for this tree are from so many different places, I
cannot even begin to tell you !

The dogs are constantly hoping that one of the mice will fall off the tree
so they can play ...

They also like to snoop around and see if they can 
find any presents for them....

A few years ago they got upset as there were not presents for them 
under the tree, so they decided to pee on the rest of the gifts and
chew on some ornaments.

Now we make sure to have one present for each of them.
(Lesson learned)

My dress form aka "La Señora" is also into celebration,
she stands in the living room wearing my green cardigan and
some star lights we picked up at Ikea a few years ago.

Some of the same star lights were added to my Nativity scene.
A new miniature Nativity scene was added to the collection, it was 
a gift from a dear uncle.

Santa's reindeer - well they have been around for over 
20 years too...
Finally the living room table ...

Happy Holidays !


KATHY said...

Hola Lore..que linda decoraccion de navidad...y tus perros no destroen la arbora?? pq los mios..hummmm kilombo total

Shybiker said...

How cute!

Rocio @ Casa Haus said...

Lore, tu arbolito está divino; me encanta!!!!!! Los colores son increíbles!!!! No te preocupes por la fiesta, ya haremos más ;)

Iris said...

I love the you decorated your dress form and the chandelier looks great!Merry Christmas :)

Anonymous said...

naughty little doggies :) many many years ago I had a cat, and he used to enjoy peeing on my backpack. I had to hide it all the time. Anyways, your Christmas decorations are very nice. We didn't really decorated our house this year, but I'm looking forward to decorate it for next Christmas :))