Michael Kors on Sale, WHERE ?

Two or three weeks ago I was at the mall.
"Just looking", you know how that works.
Going into stores and going through the sale racks.
Then I went to the shoe department and remembered
I had with me a gift card from January.
My eyes met them, we fell in love.
I tried to ignore them, but they shouted my name:
I turned around and I knew we were meant to be.
"Michael, come home with me"

I tried them on and told myself they were comfortable.
They are soft but extremely high for my standards.
They were on sale, they were just gorgeous !
I had so pair similar to these and I had a gift card...
(that's me giving me reasons on why I should buy)
Score !
They were originally sold for 245.00 USD,
then lowered to 147.00 USD to later being discounted 
to 82.95 USD and then they were given an additional 
discount, so final price was 67.00 USD!
So, when was the last time 
you paid full price ?


Frances said...

OMG that's an AMAZING deal!!! The shoes are amazing too! Gorgeous.

Sheila said...

I never pay full price. I can't even remember!

Those are fabulous shoes!!

LyddieGal said...

Nice score!!
full price....humm....Can't remember!

well, there is a pair of oxfords I saw in the june issue of Lucky. they were $60, and I wanted them. but they aren't on the website, gbyguess.com. I keep looking for them, and when they show up, i'd pay it.

Chic on the Cheap

Carla said...

wow great deal!!!!
omg....love the shoes!

Iris said...

those shoes are fabulous!!! i can't remeber the last time i paid full price for a clothing item or accessory...

Delane said...


hillary said...

The last time I paid full price (and I NEVER do) was at Louis Vuitton. But they don't have sales! :)