Feeling Pretty in Vintage

I was given an invitation to the inauguration of a religious museum.
The inauguration was last night - what would I wear ?
To my head only came one dress I could possibly wear:
This vintage NIGHT GOWN, yes, as in pijamas.
Why not ?
This old beauty was given to me my by great aunt who is almost 86.
It was given to her almost 70 years ago and it use to be long, 
but for some reason she cut it along the way and never hemmed it.
When this dress was given to me sometime last September it 
was unfinished and the cut off part was still in the bag.
All it took was a hand wash and hemming done by a 
seamstress and voilá!
I added a slip in order to avoid it being too see-through.
I felt like a queen I think others believed so too because
even though I was a little late to the inauguration they found 
a seat for me a couple of rows behind where the first lady was seated.
Back to the dress, what you see is the original zipper, there is no 
label on it and the store that sold it still exists!
If you look at the satiny fabric up close you will find tiny holes 
and parts that seem like rust.
I wore this vintage dress with:
- Jade and pearl ring Chadwicks online
- Pearl earrings
- Red jelly and fabric shoes by Melissa (Brazil)
- Padded bag Marc Jacobs wanna be 
Oh, and before I let you go (yes I am aware its been a long 
post and you need to get going) I took a few shots of the venue.
The museum is inside a 1600s church which for the Americas is ancient, remember we are not talking Europe here.
Above are the floors which are beautiful hand painted tiles - 
I wish I could take them home.
Another interesting fact, well at least for me is that my 
great grandmother married here which is fascinating !
Anyways, the church will also be taken back to how it 
was originally.
The building has been through two fires and even a war, 
so it's pretty solid construction.


Sheila said...

What a gorgeous nightgown that is now a dress! And how cool to have something that goes back so far in your family. You do look very regal - no wonder they thought you were "somebody." :-P

nurmisur said...

It doesn't look like a pijama. The details are so exquisite, I would totally wear it also.
Very regal, indeed. You looked like a queen.

Jan said...

Now that is something special isnt it ? absolutely gorgeous ..love Jan xx

Kristen said...

OMG, wow. WOW! That dress is stunning! My goodness, your great-aunt has exquisite taste. I am simply in awe!

Delane said...

you are rocking that dress! Love it!

Carla said...

this is a nightgown??? no way!!

Natalie Sampson said...

No puedo creer que esto era un pijama! Estoy en shock!!! Te quedo fabuloso!