Banana Republic you inspired me for today's look.

- Pink cardigan Estefania and tank
- Khaki pants Lands End
- Brown leather belt Liz Claiborne
- Michael Kors Sandals
- Gold toned necklace Forever 21
- Hat and zipper brooch 
(zipper brooch self made)

I feel the pants are kind of tight but I trusted my H
when he said it looked ok.
He is my "tight-o-meter", I always ask him
"is this too tight?"
He answers honestly, or so I want to think!
Above is a close up of the gold toned necklace from 
Forever 21 and a blurry shot of my new 
Michael Kors heeled sandals.
(Yes, they are not comfortable)
Oh and below is my hat, adorned by a self
made zipper brooch.


Dr. Da said...

The pink cardigan and tank give you a great shape! Your waist looks tiny, with the right amount of curves above and below the waist! Very cute look.

nurmisur said...

I think you recreated the look to your best advantage. An I love your hat, so sweet.
Husbands are always good for those kind of things, if they think it's ok usually it is ok. :)

Egoitz Azcona said...

BananaRepublic es genial!

drollgirl said...

you look fab!

and men LOVE the tight stuff!!!!

Sheila said...

The zipper brooch looks awesome! Great job!

Carla said...

awsome outfit!
love the hat!