Sunday watching the game...

On Sunday we watched the soccer match: 
Brazil vs Ivory Coast at my aunt's house.
I got a little color inspiration from an ad from an InStyle magazine, 
I think it was from J. Crew.
I also went on with the animal print and stripes that never stops to amaze me.
I think it's genius.
- Khaki bermudas Fiore
- Grey and white striped top by Energie
- Short sleeve yellow cardigan Laura Petites
- Brown leather belt with brass buckle (Market in Marrakech)
- Animal print peep toe flats by Qupid
- Brown leather, metal and textile bag (Market in Marrakech)
- Silver key Tiffany (gift from mom)
Let me tell you a little about this bag.
My H and I went on vacation at the beginning of the year.
We chose Morocco.
I cannot even tell you about the souks.
Let's just picture it as... O M G !
Everything, everywhere, hand made beauties, rugs, textiles, 
beads, lamps, leather goods, food.

When you finally chose what to buy, you must haggle.
I hate haggling.
I find it offensive and where I am from, it does not happen, period.
That's the price, that's what you pay.
So, we ALMOST paid full price for all we bought.
I did not do any heavy shopping as at the time I was in a shopping ban.
However I do not regret it.
This bag is one of two I bought there.
Here's a close up of the bag:

Kick me, 
it has been sitting in my closet 
covered with mold (REALLY)
until I wore it with the outfit,  for
Oh, and here is where the color match inspiration
came from...


KATHY said...

fiu..fiu..que linda que ficou com esse look...
amei seu bolso..bem elegante ..grande para caber tudo...beijos

PetiteGorgeous said...

Your bag is very beautiful.

I am following you now. Hope you will stop by my blog soon and follow me :). I have a giveway coming up that you might be interested in.

Taylor said...

This is gorgeous - love the stripes, big bold belt and the yellow cardi. And that bag! Wow.

Sheila said...

That is a gorgous bag! I would have made a beeline for it.

I might have to steal your stripes and animal combo!