It's that Black Dress Again !

I wore this dress last week to go to work and then the opera.
As none of the above included marathon running or rock climbing, I think this dress could be worn once more before going to the hamper.
I can't really hang it back in the closet and wait for another event in order for it to be worn again because it will get moldy.
As odd as this may sound to you, it's real.
Anything that goes in the closet must be washed or it will get moldy as it is extremely humid.
So here it is again:
- Black brocade fabric dress by Tommy Hilfiger
- Rose cardigan by American Raglie
- Vintage silver belt 
- Black and silver patent flats
- Black patent tote Neiman Marcus
- Silver and zirconia cross pendant


Sheila said...

I can't imagine that kind of humidity...and I live near the ocean!

Gorgeous dress, Lorena, you look lovely.

Jane W. said...

I love that belt with that sweater--perfect.

sisters and dresses said...

Precioso vestido, es de tela brocada?? Me encanta combinado con fucsia y el detalle del cinto plateado, le da mucha vida.


ana said...

Me encanta la combinación rosa y negro... yo tmb les doy unas dos puestas a la ropa antes de lavarla ... claro cuando no corrí el maratón como dices ;) o no hubo cigarro en el ambiente

Anonymous said...

Great color combo :)

B a la Moda said...

I like how you mixed the dress with the cardigan. Great!

B* a la Moda