I went back and changed...

I know we have been over this before.
You put something together the night before, it seems to work wonderfully, then you put it on the next day and look like crap. 
That is what happened this morning, I thought that the hot pink sweater would rock with grey and cream but, it did not. 
Once I got on the elevator and looked at myself in that mirror,  I realized that I had to run back and change something, so I did.
Here's what I THOUGHT I was going to wear:
- Grey pants
- Cream bow see though blouse H&M
- Black pumps Bata

Here's what I FINALLY wore:

- Grey pants
- Creme bow see through blouse H&M
- Black long pullover Zara
- Black pumps Bata
- Black patent tote Neiman Marcus
- Hello Kitty silver earrings
- Hello Kitty pendant with fake pearl necklace used as bracelet

My pictures came out kind of faded, I have a feeling my camera is about to die on me.


Penny said...

I love it with the pink though! Was it that the pink looked to stark?

Lorena said...

Hey Penny!
It was kind of BOXY i felt like I was wearing a box literally... plus the pants were (ARE) kind of tight (SEE WHERE the TURKEY went!) so I felt more comfortable covering up.

hillary said...

I liked the pink but when I scrooled down I saw that the black was a tish better. but so you know you looked great before just great+ after :)

Brittany D'Lynne said...

I liked the pink, too...but then I'm drawn to pink. Once I scrolled down, I did like the cut of the black shirt with the bow shirt. But I don't think you should rule out the pink combination altogether.