Still trying to layer - Day 20

This morning I left the house feeling something was off. 
Does that ever happen to you ?
I was not comfortable about the way my burgundy booties looked.
I have had them for sometime but have a hard time trying to wear them.
What do you think ? Should I have changed shoes before leaving ?

Here I am struggling to layer, this morning I put together:

- Black skirt
- NY&Co some type of animal print long sleeve blouse - with neck bow
-Black pullover
-Nine West burgundy booties
-Urban Expression tan XXL bag

I swear I´m trying....



blackdog finds said...

Love the booties (and the matching nail polish)!

Lorena said...

Thank you ! I am still iffy on if they paired well with the rest of the outfit...

Penny said...

Oh my goodness!! I am sweating those shoes like you would not even

Lorena said...

Penny :0)
I have had them for months and did not dare to wear them, I was afraid they would go out of style already!

hillary said...

yes it happens to me DAILY.

I think the booties make the outfit. Infact I would like to steal them from you and wear them right now.

Lorena said...

Thank Hillary!
They made me feel kinda like an old school teacher...
but I really like them... it took me so long to pair them with anything I wonder when they will see daylight again.
p.s. i am going to hide them from you :)