Monday Day 19: Layering Week Begins

For some reason my brain has issues with layering.

I find it hard, I look for inspiration on blogs, tv and magazines. My brain does not get it.
I am layered challenged, maybe it´s just because I live in a country where it´s sooo hot that it makes no sense to layer for functional reasons.
Now indoors it´s different, since air conditioners everywhere you go are just so extremely cold.
Since I spend my work hours in this type of cold environment I decided to put my brain to work and layer all week.
Here´s my first shot:
- Black Pencil skirt Poetry
- Max Studio silk cream blouse
- Charlotte Russe plaid tube top
- Fioni cream and black tip padded shoes from Payless
- Urban Expressions tan xxl bag


Imogen Lamport said...

Love the bustier over the shirt!

Lorena said...

Hey Imogen, thanks - it took me a few days to convince myself it would look ok, I still had some doubts as I walked out the door..