September closet editions

In September I edited a red H&M skirt  purchased in February 2016.
I sold it for about the same amount I bought it for, so it worked out great considering I wore it at least 4 times.


Then it was the vintage Chanel shoes I bought, they were big so I sold them and I made a profit on them ;) 

The red striped button down shirt from Topshop was also edited, it was purchased in August 2018 and worn 3 times. I like the style but it was a little big so I chose to let go and sold it with a profit.

3 edits,

How are your closet edits coming along?


Mica said...

I'm always impressed you are able to consistently downsize your wardrobe! I need to get better at that, I have a hard time saying goodbye to clothes!

Hope that your week is going well :)

Away From The Blue

Sheila said...

Great work on making a profit or breaking even on these, Lorena! I've been very judicious with my edits - I'm trying to generally live with what I have.

I love that striped shirt - so fun!

backinstyle said...

Always interested in seeing what you add and subtract from your wardrobe! That red and white striped shirt is such a standout, too bad it doesn't fit, but I'm sure someone else will love it. So many fun, free and re-homed pieces from your last post, I especially love that scalloped bird print skirt. Stay safe and well!