New in August

 I took time to document what went in the closet in August or Augustish, because it may be been from a month earlier. Here is what is new to me.

Pink velvet necklace Vera Sielfeld 8.00 USD, I cannot tell you how much I love this piece, I got it from a second hand shop.

A a pair of Burberry NWT trousers, will have it hemmed soon.

Black Bermuda linen shorts were free, 70's white, pink and blue polka dot polyester shirt 10.00 USD


A white button down shirt Current Air for 15.00 USD, black long sleeve dress Amzplus for 7.00 USD


Grey Anself pocket dress for 6.00 USD and Adidas visor vintage for free


Black leather vintage in pristine condition Paloma Picasso 32.00 USD - 
Red Valentino velvet rose headband 6.00 USD.

A total of 85.00 USD.

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