March Closet Editions

My black Kate Spade flats were purchased on super sale in June 2014, marked down to 116.00 USD. I wore them at least 33 times in 5 years which does not seem like much, taking CPW to 3.50 USD. 

Since I have not been getting dressed much these days, I am not editing that much.

Total for March 1 item.


Mica said...

They are cute flats! :) I've edited quite a bit staying home, it's not huge progress but I have got rid of a couple of things which is good! Being home all day I'm really paying attention to which pieces aren't comfortable or are no longer working for me!

Hope that you are having a lovely Easter weekend :)

Away From Blue

Closet Fashionista said...

I've barely stepped foot into my closet the past few weeks, just makes me too sad to see all my clothes with nowhere to go, haha!
Pretty good cost per wear on those before getting rid of them though.

Sheila said...

33 times seems like a lot to me - that's about the max for a pair of my shoes.

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