February Closet Editions

My closet editions this month include items that have been around for a while.

1. Tsubo yellow peep toe shoes. These were purchased in April 2011, they were in my closet for 9 years, worn at least 60 documented times. These Tsubos have been one of the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. They were really beat up-


2. Willi Smith linen shorts. Purchased in May 2014 for 8.00 USD, worn at least 10 times, they are low waist and wrinkle too much, also they are quite faded now.

4. Blue button Carven shirt.
This shirt is pre blog, we're talking it's at least 18 years old and it's impeccable. Over the last ten years it's been worn less than 10 times. It's snug at the chest and I think it's time to let it go. 


4. Silk flower print maxi dress by Zara. Bought in November 2018, never wore it as it needed alterations. Off it goes.  

5. Black striped zipper pocket skirt from Michael Kors. Purchased March 2019, worn at least 3 times. It's too big and I cannot hold on to items that are too big because then I will grow into them. Also the tee shirt material had some piling.

6. Purple bow belt Kenneth Cole. It was a present for my birthday in 2016. It was worn very, very few times, it was kept in the best condition but the quality is very questionable, its a shame it fell apart.

6 items for February editions.
How are your edits coming along?


Sheila said...

I cleared out a ton of stuff today when I did my closet swap-over! It felt good to let it all go. I did take one item back, though, ha ha!

Sheila said...

Oh, and farewell to Tsubo sling-backs! They always made me smile and think of my own long-gone pair.