No Beer

Jeans Zara - White and blue striped top Bershka - Off white lace hedband, sim
Brown flats Franco Sarto - Map print bag Alviero Martini, here 

I usually get an odd look when I mention I am not a drinker. Barely a social one. I rather eat than drink, beer is the last thing I would ever have, I just don't like the taste. How about you, beer yay or beer nay?

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Sheila said...

I have been booze-sober for over two years, barely a drop in that time. It's not something I've ever discussed on my blog. I quit drinking beer much sooner - I am allergic to hops! I had a terrible breakout of hives (I couldn't breathe!) when I had some hoppy IPAs many years ago.

I stopped drinking altogether for several reasons, including vanity (little broken blood vessels near my nose), health (don't need the extra calories or that "gateway" to eating!), and addiction (I was having trouble controlling how much I drank). It made sense for me to stop altogether.