The Cameo

Off white long sleeve drop down waist dress H&M, flower embroidered option by CH

Black block heel shoes with pearls on the heel Mona from The Fix

Black velvet bag with silver stones and beads Carmen Andrés in transit, similar

Vintage like cameo brooch DIY, similar options here, here love this necklace option.

Almost everything I am wearing is vintage like, not authentically vintage

For example the dress, it's a piece for H&M, the shoes are from the Fix and both were recent purchases. 

The item that you may thing is the most vintage is the cameo. However don't get excited, it's actually plastic and was a DIY project I put together several years ago. 

Not everything is what it seems. 


Sheila said...

This is a really lovely, simple look. I sometimes like modern clothes that look like vintage better than the real vintage - the fabrics are easier to care for, don't have a musty smell, and the cuts are better (not requiring specialty undergarments). Great DIY on your cameo!

Mica said...

I love the brooch with the white dress, what a fun DIY! :)

Hope that your week is going well :)

Away From Blue

Ruth said...

I love vintage looking pieces and that brooch is just stunning!