Green Missoni

Green silk and knit dress Missoni, similar

Nude patent heel Flexi

Brown H hand bag vintage in transit, similar


Years ago I bought my first Missoni dress on a super super super sale, you know me. It's brown and gold in their traditional knit and was a little big, but I had to have it. I've worn it like 4 times.

Then a few months ago while browsing in consignment store I came across this green silk and knit dress. I saw it and knew its maker, it was yet another Missoni. So even though it fit snug I went for it and it's finally being worn today.

Do you like Missoni ?


Mica said...

it's a cute dress! I don't have any Missoni pieces, but I do have some Missoni for target homewears pieces, ha! Some baby wraps I always said I'd wear as a scarf afterwards but never did, and candle holders etc.

Hope that you had a great weekend :)

Away From Blue

Chanel said...

Lovely dress! Missoni is such a classic designer. I wish I had some pieces but I got some from the Target XOXO collection recently.

S | Je M'appelle Chanel

Laura B said...

That dress is beautiful on you! I don't own any Missoni, but always admire it on others!

Federica Di Nardo said...



Sheila said...

That is a wonderful dress! Well done, Lorena! I like Missoni, but I rarely see it here, only in consignment stores, and it's very pricey. I'd buy (at the right price) if the style really appealed to me, but that hasn't happened so far.

Ruth said...

Oh I love this dress! The typical print is really fun and I would love to find one at a thrift store!

Shelbee on the Edge said...

Lorena, this dress is amazing! I love the colors and the pattern and the cut of the dress. What a great find! Thanks for linking up with me!