Black leggings Bershka, similar here  - Long linen shirt Olsen, here another option by Olsen
Black pony like hair flats Parfois, similar - White quilted bag Dooney & Bourke, another quilted option
Gold tone rope circle earrings, similar

I love linen. It's right for our hot humid weather, the fabric is exquisite and it just looks so classy. The downside is it looses its appeal after you sit down and it just wrinkles. I had forgotten why there were no linen garments in my closet, until I bought this shirt and wore it.

Do you do wear linen?


Sheila said...

I have a few linen pieces (like the fireworks dress I wore last week), but I prefer them to have a pattern to disguise the wrinkle factor. I really like this tunic/dress on you! It looks great!

Gerrilyn said...

I'll wear linen if it is mixed with another fabric like cotton or rayon. That reduces the wrinkle factor. Pure linen looks too messy to me after it wrinkles.

Mica T said...

Despite the heat here, I don't wear much linen just because it wrinkles so easy. I don't like ironing so it annoys me when pieces wrinkle so quickly after I spend time ironing! I do have a printed linen dress (I'm actually planning to wear tomorrow!) and I feel the print disguises the creases a bit.

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Patricia Africa Iglesias Martínez said...

Me encanta el lino aunque sólo lo llevo en verano. Y si el tema de las arrugas es propio de este tejido... ¡¡pero es taaan fresquito!!

Nancy's Fashion Style said...

I don t wear it because of the wrinkles. But it is perfect for very warm days!

Ruth Maldonado said...

I do love linen. It's like a love hate relationship though. As it does wrinkle so easily!

Straight A Style said...

I tend to shy away from linen because of the wrinkles. This is a great tunic style top though!

Amy Ann
Straight A Style