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Grey blazer Suizie Shier, similar here - Peach polo, similar - Jeans Salt works 
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For me, blazers are incredibly important. Not only do they help keep warm, but also elevate any look without much effort. 
For example today, I honestly wanted to stay in and sleep because I have been sleep deprived these last weeks (that's another story). But staying home was not an option. 
I literally threw on a pair of jeans and a polo, this felt very "super casual Friday", and I needed it to look "Monday workwear".
So I added this grey blazer and while it did not take it from "super casual Friday" to "Monday workwear," it did take it to "casual Friday". One step up. It's just a blazer, don't expect miracles :) 
Para mi los blazer son importantes. No sólo ayudan a mantenernos abrigados, también elevan cualquier look sin mucho esfuerzo.
Por ejemplo hoy, me quería quedar en la casa durmiendo porque no he estado durmiendo bien (eso es otra historia). Pero quedarme en casa no era una opción.
Literalmente me tiré encima la camisa polo y los jeans, se sentía y veía de "viernes muy casual" y necesitaba que se viera como "lunes para trabajar".
Añadí el blazer y a pesar de que no lo llevó el look de "viernes muy casual" a "lunes para trabajar", lo llevo a "viernes casual". Un peldaño. Es sólo un blazer, no esperen milagros.


PhotosbyCris said...

I agree with you a blazer can add so much to the outfit I hope you get back to sleeping well soon it is so important Take care xoxo Cris

Mica T said...

Sleep deprivation is so tough! Hope you get some good rest soon.

Adding a blazer is such a nice way to make an outfit feel more pulled together, and I love a blazer and jeans combo! :)

Hope you are having a good week so far :)

Away From The Blue Blog

jodie filogomo said...

That's exactly why I adore blazers...for everyone. It's an easy fix to add some pizzazz to any outfit!!

Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty said...

The blazer really dressed up the outfit and looks great. I love the grey. I hope you get to catch up on sleep.

Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

Lyddiegal said...

Haha, I do expect miracles from my blazers! They really do manage to elevate a look, especially jeans!
Chic on the Cheap

Shea Sayers said...

I am totally with you--adding a blazer always makes me feel more put together, and I'm glad the weather is finally right for them. I hope you get some sleep soon!

ashonfashionary said...

absolutely with you in this, adding a blazer does completes the look and make your outfit look more posh. You look gorgeous as usual babe.

Best Wishes Ashon

Sheila said...

There's a reason they called them "completer" pieces on What Not to Wear! I love blazers - my outfit today looked unfinished, and then I added a jacket as my outerwear piece, and then BAM, it was perfect.

This is a lovely casual outfit for you - classy as heck! :)