Day 1: 9 years ago

Nine years ago today.  This is one of my first blog posts and actually the first outfit I ever posted. None of the items I am wearing are still around. Wait. I'll take that back, the watch and rings are ;) 
I you asked me then if I'd be blogging 9 years later I honestly do not know what I would have answered, regardless I still am. I have never stopped enjoying it, which is why I continue to do so. 
Going back to that post, the one thing that made me smile the most was the fact that Sheila from the blog SheilaEphemera was my sole commenter. Thank you Sheila for being there all the way !


Sheila said...

I clicked back on the post before I read this one - I laughed when I saw I was the only commenter! :)

Wow, Lorena, you and I have been doing this together all the way! 9 years+ of knowing each other through blogging! That's like 20 years in real like, ha ha!

Congratulations on just doing it! It's such an accomplishment. :)


Mica T said...

It's amazing you've been blogging for 9 years, wow! :) I wish I had photos of outfits from that long ago, I think you'd really be able to see your style progress in that time!

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Natalie Sampson said...

Happy blog Anniversary!

Lyddiegal said...

Congrats on nine years! Hard to believe it's been that long.
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