Reactions to Feedback

Black cropped trousers Mossimo, similar with tummy control here
Pink cable knit sweater Charter Club, almost identical here, cute cropped version here
Black tote bag Furla, on sale here
Brown, red and pink bow heels Sayma from Peru, not similar but I like these pink ones

Our humanity makes us vulnerable, wether we want to admit it or not. Through a blog, even more so, as you have more exposure. 
The other day I read this post where Imogen wrote about negative comments received and how easy it is specially under an anonymous account, to dehumanise others. 
After blogging for so long these type of comments come by at one time or another. 
I love receiving feedback, sincere opinions on things that can be improved as it gives me the opportunity to learn and see other points of view. It's all enriching. 
But when the comments are just pure rude criticism, without anything constructive, its another thing. There is no motive there, just to be mean. I find no joy in being mean, so it's difficult for me to understand why anyone would take the time to send rude, disrespectful comments. 
I have also felt sad when criticized, wether face to face or by a stranger as I am certain one can get a point across without being an ass. 
Its the tone of voice or the type of letters used CAPITAL, bold? Who is around: is this comment being shouted out loud in front of others? Left on the comments area for everyone to see or is it contact through direct messaging? There is a big difference. 
How do you react to negative comments or do you?


Black Dress Inspiration said...

Pero que monada de zapatos

Sheila said...

I have been so lucky - I've had very few negative comments during my blogging lifetime, but they do cut to the quick, and they hurt! I can take criticism if it's couched in a nice way, but why be rude? What is the point?

You do this preppy look so well, Lorena. I love those shoes!!

E said...

Those two-tone shoes could not be cuter!

District of Chic

Mica T said...

I'm lucky I haven't received that many negative comments - I try to visit other bloggers but if I notice any negativity in their posts I stop visiting. There are some people you want to surround yourself with, that lift you up and inspire and encourage, and I try to find people like that online just as I would in real life. I think not everyone will like the same things, and it's okay to have different opinions, but there's a way to give constructive criticism and there's just being plain rude!

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Courtney Erin said...

I'm lucky in having gotten only a very small number of such comments - I get them more in connection with my academic work and sometimes they are useful criticisms of my work that, even though I admit they cut a bit and hurt my feelings, I try to use to make my work better ... but sometimes they are just mean spirited in that realm as well. And those 100% bother me, as much as I try to just let them go.

Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines