Ethnic blazer take 2

Jeans Level 99 Denim, identical here, I cut off the original raw edge because as usual it was too long
Vintage ethnic blazer no brand, similar here - Black tee shirt Theory, identical here
Pink belt, similar by DVF here 
Black tote bag Furla, similar here 
Pink watch Victorinox, almost identical - Yellow mustard shoes Tsubo, similar colour

A few days ago I wore this ethnic blazer and told you about its story. As much as I like the fabric, its a bit big, I am not sold on the collar and just not feeling it. Sure, I could have it altered but I don't want to invest in getting it fitted if I know it will not be worth it. I am guessing that altering this will be about 15.00 USD -  So, it's off to the consignment shop. What's the average cost of getting a garment altered where you live?


Sheila said...

Bummer, as it does look cute on you, but yeah, you know best! If you are not feeling it, it's got to go.

It costs about $15 to do simple alterations, like a hem, here. It's 20-$40 for resizing, especially anything lined. That's too steep for me, which is why I seldom get things altered.

Laura Bambrick said...

I think altering is a bit pricier near me so I try to do it or have my talented mother-in-law! Too bad the blazer didn't work out!

Anonymous said...

He encontrado tu comentario de royalfail pq no te gusta que fuera de blanco. Veras, lo de ir de blanco fue la reina victoria la primera persona que lo hizo, hace menos de 200 años. Segundo, si la novia da permiso, cualquiera puede ir de blanco.

Mica T said...

My local tailor is really affordable for small jobs, but I've never taken anything too complicated to here. I did have her turn a dress into a skirt for me and it wasn't too expensive at all! She's so affordable for taking up hems too, the main thing I need being petite! I've gone to a 'chain' of tailors before and it was $40 and I was so unimpressed with the results!

Hope that you are having a great week so far! :)

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Alessandra Heidelberg said...

Amazing look! I love the jacket

jodie filogomo said...

Well, I usually take it over to my mom's or alter it myself...definitely cheaper that way...Ha ha!!
I love that you added in the yellow/gold shoes!! Totally fun!!

Brooke A said...

The blazer is so unique, but I'm with you on the alterations. They're expensive here!

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backinstyle said...

Fabulous outfit you created around this special jacket! Too bad about the fit. Alterations are very expensive in my area. I can sew, so I usually do them myself if they are not too complex. $15 seems very reasonable to fit a tailored blazer if you love it. Hope you are having a great week!

Anonymous said...

I really like this blazer with jeans. 2 to 5 euros for alterations here in Bulgaria -very reasonable, so worth it. Lise