May's Closet Editions

If you haven't been here before, well at the end of every month I do my closet edits. I make a list of all those items that leave my closet and make a note to why the item is leaving. Here's what left the closet, either to be donated or consigned. 

First runner up is this white cotton ENC blazer, it has been around since the early days of this blog. Worn at least 15 times on the blog, I think its served its purpose. While I do not recall the original price tag, I am sure I got a good cost per wear.  

Also being edited from the closet is this pair of bermuda shorts by Solutions, often worn with above blazer, it's also been around for a while. Always a bit snug at the waist, the fabric began to look bad and I also think that after over 9 wears, its served its purpose. Also leaving are these pink Lacoste shorts, they've been worn at least 15 times since 2010 and on the last wear I realised they had a stain.

Another item is this green silk sleeveless dress made by J. Jill, worn at least 11 times since 2010, a 0.40 cent cost per wear seems like a good deal. The Go International extra large houndstooth black and white tee shirt dates to 2009, it's now worn out, probably because it's been worn at least 10 times since then.

These two blazers had a very short life span in my closet. Just two wears in a month and out. Happens the ethnic / Guatemalan fabric vintage blazer had an odd neckline I was not too keen on and the Nameless brand paintbrush strokes blazer had the oddest back to it and it just looked really unflattering when worn. I tried and did not succeed so off they go.
This white blazer with black piping by Suzy Shier that dates back to June 2014 was hard to let go of. This blazer fit perfectly but the fabric began to pile badly in certain places. Another item leaving is this satin pink star print top with pussy pow from H&M. It from 2011, worn at least seven times with an estimate cost per wear 3.60 USD, its leaving because I need to wear it with a strapless bra and it does not fit well.

The brown TRF Zara top made of wool had an unflattering neckline and it was not worn often, just twice in about ten years. Finally the two accessories below: a turquoise cross necklace purchased in 2013 and the gold tone half circle earrings. These got too little wear.


Twelve items in one month. How are your closet edits coming along?

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Sheila said...

A good bunch of edits! I've done very well in the last few weeks with weeding out some stuff that doesn't work or has gotten worn out.