Bon Week-end

Zara jeans, similar under 10.00 USD via H&M 
Blue flower print off the shoulder top Estampa, similar/similar
Black tote bag Furla, similar - Light blue bow flat shoes Gio Zanotti, similar
What cam I say, it's been a hell of a week, on the bright side: it's over ! Bon Week-end.

Likeable people don't...

Vintage silk blue and red blouse Don Sayres, I was surprised by this similar by Gucci
Blue heels Charles Jourdan, almost identical here and a more affordable version here
Black tote bag Furla, check out this vintage Furla bag under 40.00 USD  
I read this article a few weeks ago about the ten things that likeable people never do. As I began scrolling I had to smile because I felt like I was reading about myself and things that I do! Which would make me not likeable ;) Then again, we all have our moments. 

Here are the things I do that will make me not likeable, according to the article:

1. Criticise: It could be in my DNA but I have been taking steps to do this less often. I am my first critic.
2. Interrupt: Mea culpa. I usually try to hold back but I am usually afraid I will forget. But on the bright side, I was in a meeting last week where I just took notes on questions I wanted to ask and did not interrupt!
3. Control: I am a control freak, even though I do know that at the end nothing can be controlled. 

Which one are you guilty of ? If any ?


Black trousers Mario Serrani, identical here - Black Miau Miau dog print tee shirt, similar -
Emanuel Ungaro vintage blazer, identical - Cap toe flats Zara, similar - Black tote bag Furla

If you told when I started this blog that today I'd be wearing a vintage Ungaro blazer I would have probably rolled my eyes. 
First because well, blazers were not my thing. Back then I was more into two piece suits: skirts and trousers with either long or short sleeve jackets. 
But these days blazers have become a frequent and common acquisition. What are you wearing these days that you would have not in earlier years ?

Oh yeah, and I am wearing the same fab trousers as yesterday because they are really fab and yes, as you can see I am still sick.

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Almost All Black

Black trousers Mario Serrano, identical - Black blazer Nine West - Black patent bow flats Kate Spade - Sunglasses Prada Linea Rosa 
Black top with green and red Gucci inspired Palazzo - Black tote bag Furla

I try everything on before making a purchase, which is one of the reasons I shop brick and mortar 98% of the time. However, a few weeks ago while out with a friend, right before leaving the store I came across these great looking black trousers
I picked them up and the fabric felt just right, not too thick, not too thin, with just the needed stretch. It was not low cut, seemed to sit on the waist. It did not have belt loops and it had pockets, which were sewn shut, meaning I could leave them as is or actually open them. The length appeared to be cropped, which on me is like a regular hem. 
The trousers looked and felt amazing, but I did not want to try them on.
So, I used the measure method of taking the trousers at the widest hip part and placing in on top of my own hips I figured they might fit
When I got home these pants fit so perfectly that I did not even need to hem them ! So perfect that I began to google them so I could buy multiples. And I found them.. 
The ones I bought in the stores were just 10.60 USD and I just saw them on Amazon for less than that with free shipping. 
Good things need to be shared, if not what's the point ?

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Trousers Tommy Hilfiger - Nude silk tank top Express - Flower print blazer Etro, identical on sale

Not only did this outfit just not work, but I felt terribly sick at the end of the day. The worst fit here goes to the trousers, the fact is I never got them hemmed and that these are too low cut. What was the last item you wore that had the worst fit ever? 

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While I have no idea what I was doing exactly eight years ago, I can show you what I was wearing. I can also tell you that absolutely every.single.thing I am wearing, with the exception of the bag is now long gone. 

Bits of red

Boot cut jeans Banana Republic, similar - Blue sweater with heart Forever 21, the tee shirt version in red, white, grey 
Red block heel sandals Zara, similar mule version 
Black and white doctor bag Baurisar 
As much as I love this sweater I always wish it was better quality. This one is made by Forever 21 and has been around for a few years, I don't wear it much because I think the fabric will get thinner and more see through or that it will pile.  How terrible is that, that you don't want to wear something you love because it will not stand the test of time? Is there a garment like that in your closet ?

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Just because

Black dress Red Valentino, similar from Red Valentino under 60.00 USD here  
Black tote bag Furla, similar on sale - Leopard print flats Me Too, similar here 
Giraffe, elephant and owl rings Forever 21, options here, here, here - Elephant pendant necklace, great option here

Sometimes I will build an outfit starting with a new to me garment, other times inspired on another blogger's look, maybe a specific color scheme. It all depends on where I am going, what I am going to do or what I feel like. Other times it's just because
Today for instance, I built the look on a black canvas and added gold toned accessories with one theme in mind: animals. A pair of leopard print flats on my feet, big elephant pendant hanging from my neck. In my fingers: owl, giraffe and elephant stacked rings and even though you cannot see them, there are tiny bears on the side of my aviator sunglasses. 
How did you build today's look ? Please leave a link to it ;) 

Prussian Blue

Black cropped trousers Kate Spade Saturday, similar here - Black vintage silk tank top Tess, similar here 
Black tote bag Furla, similar here -Bright blue heels Charles Jourdan, similar here
Vintage blue blazer Kokomo, similar 

I don't have many really bright hued blazers in my closet, so it makes sense I fell for this vintage one a few months back. After this first wear I will try wearing it with white trousers, but afterwards I have no clue. What else would you pair this wool blazer with ?

Tweed Purgatory

Vintage light blue tweed blazer and skirt Koko, here is one by Nina Ricci  - Nude patent heels Flexi, similar 

Light blue top Forever 21, similar - Doctor's bag Venezia, here another option 
Handcuff pearl necklace Forever 21, similar handcuff necklace in silver or this one under 10.00 USD

Back in December I picked up this vintage skirt and blazer set. I bought it because of the blazer and my plans were to give the skirt away, but for some reason I didn't and said to myself I would give it a try wearing it as a set before letting go. So I did. 
The skirt was big and I had to roll it at the waist, therefore it was not comfortable to wear. I did not love it but I did no hate it either. Not heaven, not hell, it was purgatory.
So I am going to take the skirt in at the waist and try again. Because if you don't try, you don't know.

Honesty Underrated

Pleated gold metallic skirt Burberry - identical here
Black turtle neck sweater Calvin Klein, similar here
Black tote bag Furla, almost identical 
Pleated gold metallic skirt Burberry - identical here

Flower print black patent block heel shoes Zara, I have a feeling these have a D&G inspo - Gold tone half circle earrings

There's nothing better than an honest comment. I think they are underrated. They are sometimes difficult to come by, because everyone wants to be liked and does not want to seem critic. 

I was not very happy with how this outfit looked, it was my first take on this metallic linen skirt and I just kept looking at what went wrong as this would seem like a great flat lay... 

Then Sheila  just said it: I needed a longer top because there was something in the middle that was just not working. You know what ? She was right on, I tried this longer top and I felt so much better in this time around. 

How do you react to comments that make suggestions or that just say that what you are wearing is not working ?

The Pink Shirt

Jeans Zara - Pink button down shirt H&M, almost identical
Burgundy flats French Soles, similar - Burgundy vintage hand bag Lancaster, similar on sale

I love button down shirts. They have the ability of transforming rather simple outfits into office appropriate. Well, at least most of the time.  Or at least they will give a "corporate" vibe in a Skype meeting. 
As most of us, there are several of them hanging in my closet. This one in particular is from H&M and was purchased in 2012, in 6 years it's been worn ten times, with a 2.50 USD CPW. 

Lately it seems too see through, too clingy, the sleeves do not seem to stay put and the collar seems to be piling. Then again it could just be that I am tired of it and I am just looking for reasons. 

Do you give yourself reasons for getting rid of an item or do you just toss it and never look back ?

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No shame

Black trousers Zara - Orange and leopard print top Liz Claiborne, all leopard print tee shirt here 
Black tote bag Furla, similar here - Leopard print flats Me Too, similar here
Is there any shame in wearing the same pair of trousers four days in a row ? Hell no ! 
What was the last garment you wore several days in a row .. ? Think hard, there has got to be one :)

Green element

Black trousers Zara  - Green turtle neck sweater Cortefiel, similar here in same rich green shade 
Japanese made green and light blue printed vintage scarf Glentey - Green velvet loafers Zara, almost identical

Black tote bag Furla, almost identical  

If there is one thing I highly appreciate in cities is seeing that green spaces are preserved. That you can walk under huge tree shades, walk through parks and actually feel fresh, crisp air... for instance where I am today in Bogota, Colombia. 
So whenever I am in Bogota, there is always a good excuse for taking a walk, usually the scenery is enough. 
Do you stop and look at what is around you ? Do you even notice nature around you ?

Kimono and Turtle neck

Black trousers Zara - Green turtle neck sweater Cortefiel, similar
Printed kimono H&M, beautiful similar in blue - Velvet and tassel wrap belt H&M, almost identical
Red heels Melissa, similar on sale - Black tote bag Furla, similar on sale

In the endless tropical weather I live in, I would have never thought of putting together a satin kimono and a turtle neck sweater. In my head these are fabrics almost continents apart. But these days anything goes. When I was packing my suitcase I felt like wearing the kimono, even though temperatures would be chillier than at home. The turtle neck took care of that. What fabrics do you just never dare to wear together ? Why ?