June Edits

This month has some interesting items with some "blog history" leaving the closet. First up is my blue Armani suit worn here, label clearly reads dry clean only, but I put it in the washer and dryer, the fabric was ruined and you can see the thread hanging from the bottom of the jacket. 

If you're a fan of Sex and the City you know this dress, it's the white Halston piece that Carrie wore. In my case, I wore it six years ago, here to a friend's birthday party and that was it. I tried it on before taking it to the consignment shop and I could not zip it up. I could have kept it, but I was never a fan of SaTC. The consignment shop already sold it !
The AA Studio color block dress is also in the bag, mostly due to piling. 


This lace top from John Paul Richard has been in the closet for years, it was a gift from someone who is passed away. I tried it on and it does not fit well but I had been holding on to it because of sentimental reasons, time to let go. No top can take away from me the memories I have of her. Also in the bag is this animal print black and white Michael Kors top.

I had these leather shoes custom made for me years ago, I only wore them on weekends to do gardening and they have stretched out. Then it was the gold glitter heel sandals from Nine West, bought in 2015, never worn, I tried them on a few times with formal gowns but I could barely walk in them, I passed them on to a friend. Another set of glitter flats, these EM ones were falling apart. The black patent Zara shoes which had 150 wears since purchased in June 2014... CPW was 0.14 cents!

I also got sent to the consignment shop a pair of vintage gold heels worn once here ,  but I forgot to take pictures. 
Finally a patent plastic turquoise belt, that I use to wear a lot when I first started the blog, but these days, not so much and it broke.

12 items.


Sheila said...

Good edits of both well-worn/loved items and non-worn items, Lorena!

Mica T said...

150 wears of those shoes is incredible! I'm always so hard on my shoes, I'm not sure if I have any I've worn over 100 times!

Away From The Blue Blog

Kim Alston said...

Great edits! It allows for new editions!