November additions

This month included on line shopping and thrifting but no Black Friday or Cyber Monday buys. Starting off with a pair of black NYDJ jeans, hemming included for 15.90 USD, a "The 1975" tshirt for 6.75 USD. A brown vintage leather Coach tie holder which I want to use as a clutch for 3.21 USD, pair of burgundy flats by French Soles on sale for 26.75 USD.
Two dresses: H&M black dress for 5.77 USD and a Michael America colour block sequin dress on super sale for 19.25 USD and evil eye cuff bracelet for 30.00 USD.
 Oh, and 5.00 Black Theory blazer altering, a grand total of 112.63 USD.

Editing the closet in November

I've been procrastinating in my closet edits, giving things too much thought, so its just two pairs of shoes this month. A grey pair of heels by Vince Camuto which need no explanation if you just look at the picture, worn just 23 times in a year these shoes were a total disappointment and looking back at all my Vince Camuto shoes, the brand does not deliver, the shoes fall apart really quick even though they are leather. 
My gold ViaScar flats purchased in Peru were peeling but in this case I have no complaints these were just ten bucks and I wore them almost to a dollar per wear. How about you ? How are your closet edits coming along ?

The days after ...

Black slip dress Topshop - White tshirt - Black heel sandals Vince Camuto - See by Chloe Harriet tote bag - Baroque Prada sunglasses

Days after Black Friday and Cyber Monday I am happy to report that I did not go near a mall or phone and succumb to the shopping frenzy.
I was talking to a friend about the black Friday craziness and she said something that just keeps going around in my head: "People use to wait for black Friday, but now they shop all the time, black Fridays will never be the same..." Certainly it will continue to mark the beginning of the shopping season but we have to agree that shopping habits have changed. I'd like to hear your thoughts. 
Did you buy anything on Cyber Monday or Black Friday ? 

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Looking for a black slip dress? :

Tassel Tassel

Black pull up jeans Levis - Black tank top Da Moda - Grey long vest Valette - Black patent shoes Zara - See by Chloe Harriet tote bag - Prada Baroque black sunglasses
Long before they were a trending item I have loved tassels. Maybe its the vintage vibe or they fact that they remind me of the huge tassel pull that hung from a cylinder lamp in my grandmother's living room. So a few years ago when I walked the markets of Marrakesh, it was a no brainer if I wanted to buy silk thread tassels or not, the actual question was how many and what colours.. while I cannot remember the amount I can refer to is as a "bagful". I had a ton of ideas on how I was going to use them, none of which I can remember now. The only thing I did with them was this tassel necklace which only used up three of them...the bag is still full ! 

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Tassel necklaces:

Fast fashion sampler

Pink button down shirt H&M - Teal sunglasses Kenneth Cole Reaction
MNG Mango printed trousers - Green velvet loafers Zara - See by Chloe Harriet tote bag 
It was not until I sat down to write the post that I realised I was wearing a true fast fashion sampler look. I am a slow wearer, meaning that I usually hang on to stuff forever, as an example the H&M shirt and the Mango pants date from 2012 and the velvet loafers from Zara are from a few months ago... Fast fashion worn slowly ;) 

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Chambray on jeans

Jeans Gap - Brown flats Franco Sarto - See by Chloe Harriet tote bag 
Hot and Delicious chambray off shoulder top
I use to think that chambray and denim were one and the same.  There are several things that set these two fabrics apart but in my case I just consider how light chambray is compared to actual denim. In case you're interested it has to do with the weave and structure. I prefer chambray to denim when it comes to tops as they are thinner, which work well for the weather in my country and fabric can be easily tucked without being bulky. 
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Copying Style..

Tan trousers H&M - White Bite Back collar shirt Stradivarius - Burgundy flats French Soles - Harriet tote by See by Chloe
I´ve had this thought in my mind for a while: copying style, can it be done ? While I am not sure it can be done, I have certainly tried to copy. I vividly recall that in high school I had a classmate from Spain and she dressed totally different from everyone else. She was classic, basic and always looked pulled together. She wore bermudas, tshirts and leather loafers - oh, did I mention she was pretty and smart ? I loved how she dressed and carried herself, I loved her style.  I wanted to dress like her, which in my head translated to hunting down garments just like the ones she wore, which back in the day was not an easy task as the internet was just beginning... (hello ICQ!) However I managed to get a white linen YSL bermuda and a black polo shirt with matching black and white tassel loafers (I wish I had those now..) The day I wore that look I felt like I walked on clouds. Many years have passed since then. Style has to do with expression, how you feel when you wear something and it giving you confidence. Even though at that time I was copying someone else's mode of expression I am not sure I would today. I have come to understand that style is not looking like someone else, that it just a costume...
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On Souvenirs..

Peach and gold brocade skirt Merona - Off white sweater Tommy Hilfiger -
Harriet tote bag See by Chloe - Isola flat burgundy bow shoes
There is one thing I have never understood and its when someone goes on a trip, let's say Paris and they bring you a souvenir its made in China. 
Yes, I know you may think I am ungrateful and that it is the thought that counts, however in my head the idea of a souvenir is that it is uniquely from that place you just came back from. Hopefully its something made in the region and that its not easy to obtain anywhere else. I know that with the internet and online shopping this might be a difficult task.. 
Whenever I bring something back from a trip either for a friend or myself I make an effort for it to be unique. As it turns out its usually food, an artisan hand craft, hand made jewellery, a garment locally made or from a local brand and made in the country or even something vintage.
Today, for example I'm wearing a vintage hand painted Tsuji porcelain pin made in Argentina. I bought it at the San Telmo sunday market in Buenos Aires sometime in 2011.  I could have picked up a tshirt or a tote bag but I bought this home as a memento of the trip. Its local, its vintage and was quite affordable and now it's got a story ;) 
How about you, what's your stand on souvenirs ? 

Skirt roll

Cherry blossom print skirt - Green tshirt Charter Club - Black Jules satchel Rebecca Minkoff - Black patent shoes Zara - Pearl vintage necklae

Lately I have been going back for the same skirts thinking of more ways they can be worn. This one in particular I have mixed feelings on but in the meantime let the outfits roll..
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3 days in a row

Klein blue trousers Forever 21 - Pink button down shirt H&M -
See by Chloe Harriet tote bag - Gold flats - Tommy Hilfiger sweater
Its been raining for three days in a row, so grabbing a sweater before walking out the door was a good idea. Although.. I should have taken my umbrella too. 
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A year ago I wore...

White dress Forever 21 - Red flats Stradivarius - Grey bag Salvatore Ferragamo 
If today was a Thursday this would be a #TBT, but since it is not, its just "a year ago I wore this" post. Longer hair, ten pounds less.. This white sleeve waist tie dress remains as one of my favourites, its simple yet is needs no additional styling. 
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The Lariat

Black trousers red Valentino - Black turtle neck sweater Pierri New York
Black patent shoes Zara - Harriet tote bag See by Chloe 
An all black look, not much thought put into the outfit, all I really considered was staying warm. However, one thing I did reach for was my silver lariat necklace. While I have no idea if its on trend or not, it felt like the accessory I needed to go for today. As I sat down to write the post it occurred to me that I should google "lariat" as all I know is that it sounds "fancy" and "foreign" and refers to the type of necklace I am wearing. To my surprise, "lariat" happens to be a rope used to catch cattle, horses and such livestock ... while I'm pretty sure no livestock is happy wearing one, I certainly am.  
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A hand me down

Klein blue trousers Forever 21 - St. Michael vintage linen top - Grey long vest Valette
Red and blue rope necklace Saturday Kate Spade
Grey hand bag vintage Salvatore Ferragamo - Grey heels Vince Camuto
This white linen top is a hand me down from my great aunt who is in her 90's, who I consider my vintage fairy Godmother. Occasionally she will surprise me by sending me a load of clothes, handbags, belts and even jewellery. Whenever I wear something that belonged to her I can only wonder how she wore it and just hope I am up to par with how she might have styled it in the past. If she had a blog with her looks I 'd certainly be a follower... 
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Finding treasures in second hand shops

While I am aware that some folks are just not the thrifting, second hand shopping type, like I said here: you do not know what you are missing out on.

If you are already on board with consignment shopping, here are a few tips for when you're out treasure hunting:

  • Take your time: if you are in a hurry you might miss out. This means go through all the racks, your size or not.. sometimes items are hung out of place.
  • Google it : once you find something interesting, maybe the fabric stands out or its a brand you have never heard of: google it. Not only will you learn more about the garment, see how other people have worn it, but you will also have a price to refer to and know if you're getting a good deal or not. 
  • Pay NO attention to size on the label : since you will stand in front of racks of clothing from different decades, size numbers on labels cannot be trusted: So try it on.
  • Quality : most of the time vintage clothing is far better quality than anything made today, fabrics, linings and zippers prove it. Also the fact that it is still around !
  • Great place to shop for leather: If you are able to find good quality leather in a department store today odds are you are paying a high price, second hand shops offer a wide selection of leather goods at reasonable prices. Some may be soiled but most leathers can be cleaned at home.
  • Some things are new! : this means that you are paying second hand shop prices for something new, because sometimes we buy things that we never wear and they end up in the consignment store. 
  • Too good to be true happens: believe me, it does. I personally have success stories that range from brands like Missoni, Coach and Lanvin purchased for less than 20.00 USD. 
Any other tips ? Please share your wisdom !

The black jumper

Black jumper Cottura - Black striped tshirt Talbots - Black flats Me Too - See by Chloe Harriett tote bag 
Probably my second time wearing it and I am not too sold on it: the black jumper dress. Maybe its the shape and how it kind of hangs from the upper part.  Maybe its the looks I've gotten while wearing it or a comment on the previous outfit post I wore it. Regardless I might attempt adjusting it and even try to style it for work or just give up on it. 
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Forgotten shoes

Off white sweater Tommy Hilfiger - Sequences scarf Hermès - Beige rousers H&M -
Black patent Trophy bow flats Kate Spade - Black Jules satchel Rebecca Minkoff  
What you don't see, you don't wear... like these black patent bow shoes, that have been in the closet since 2014. Maybe it's because they are still in the box or because I have 5 other pairs of black flats to chose from. Are there any items you've forgotten about because they're out of sight ?  
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Real every day

For years now I've been posting what I wear every day, this regardless of me loving the outfit or not. However there are some items that I literally wear almost every single day and that I love, but you do not get to see because I do not feature them or they appear too small in the pictures. This is one of them: my white gold flat top earrings.
I bought these about fifteen years ago at a Gucci store during a trip to NYC.  I recall walking into the store and the sales rep not being very nice. Maybe she thought I would not buy anything, however the moment I laid my eyes on these I was sold and made a quick purchase - which is very, very unusual for me, as I take forever.
I tried googling them for a better image, but could not find them, so these are actually my very own to the very last scratch.
Along with my usual sunglasses, wether protecting my eyes or sitting on my head, these are also my style signifiers. What's yours ?

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The slip dress goes to work

Black slip dress TopShop - Black patent shoes Zara -
White button down shirt Forever 21 - Grey bag vintage Ferragamo
I've had this black slip dress in the closet for months, even before I realised the slip dress was "back". I wore it today for the first time and can only wonder what took me so long. Its a fabulous layering piece and comfortable to wear, wore it to the office and then to the flower exhibition afterwards. I can see this dress becoming an all time favourite .. Is the slip dress in your closet yet ? 
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You'd never guess

Brocade skirt Merona - Pink sweater Daisy Fuentes - Grey vintage bag Salvatore Ferragamo
Unless I told you, you would not know that this sweater has a blue pen like line in the front.  I accidentally hung it next to a blue and white silk Cacharel vintage scarf I had washed and the color transferred on to the sweater. I tried to remove the streak but it never came off. However since I liked the sweater so much I chose to keep it and its the reason I always layer a necklace or a scarf: so I can hide the blue line. Today I added a silk ribbon and pearl belt as a necklace, that I have had for over ten years and never wore once... 
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Who would wear this ?

Blue neoprene dress Nasty Gal - Grey heels Vince Camuto - Grey vintage bag Salvatore Ferragamo
I was out shopping with a friend a little over a year ago, when I spotted this bulky, shapeless garment hanging there. I looked at it and laughed because it seemed like an odd piece, in fact I might of even thought "Who would wear this?", then just threw it in my shopping cart and kept on walking. Took the dress to the fitting room to see how it would look and when I tried it on all I can remember saying is "this dress has potential".  The Nasty Gal label read the size was XS and it was super long, regardless I took it home and then to the tailor who also had a good laugh, she chuckled and said "only you would wear this..." So, now I know who the person who would wear this is dress is: me.

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Monogram fan

Jeans Red Valentino - Bee Happy blue loafers C. Wonder -
Harriett tote See by Chloe - Green blouse LuckyCom - Blue bandana scarf  
My first monogrammed item was a heavy gold chain bracelet. It was chunky but had been delicately engraved with my first name. It was stolen when our house was broken into while we were in New York, I was sixteen then. It had been a present from my grandmother. The second was a 10k ring with the letter "L" and rhinestones, a present from my grandfather, that as I write can only wonder where it is... 
Since forever I have loved the idea of having my initial or my name on an item so I was really happy when the trend returned a few years ago. Today I am wearing one of my faves, a silver one from Tiffany & Co. , don't get me wrong, but had I known that in the future there would be so many more affordable options I would have waited..  
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