Thirfty June

I had no intentions of buying anything this month.

But when I came across this black Missoni dress at
the consignment store for 9.63 USD I could not pass it up.
Same thing happened when I came across this
Moschino vintage bag: 96.30 USD.
An amazing vintage Rodier extra large 
printed vintage scarf for 5.35 USD. 
Its so big, it can be used as a tablecloth ;) 

I also did some garment alterations this month,
for 10.00 USD, totalling 121.28 USD.

June editions

Once again, this month, I tried to focus on editing white garments.
Last month it was also my plan but, just six garments were edited then.
Monteau blazer purchased in 2012, worn at least 12 times.
Polo white flutter sleeve worn at least 3 times in the last 7 years.
Calvin Klein white shirt worn at least 10 times in 7 years,
it was a gift. 
A Tiff Tiff sheer slip dress that served its last mission 
as a costume for a 1920's theme party, was a gift.
An Adidas pair of sneakers, gift.
A Matryoshka necklace from my 
Matryoshka obsession era.

6 items.

The Six Month Rule

Whenever I read about closet cleaning and 
clothes editing it always involves the 6 month rule.
I think its BS. If I followed that rule my closet would
be like totally empty. I bet yours too. In fact I do not 
know anyone who actually sticks to that.
Burgundy trousers Valerie Bertinelli - Pink lace top Forever 21
If I stuck to that rule, the trousers would
not be here today and the top would
have been given away 5 years ago.
Sure I'd love to free some space in the closet,
just not like that - besides, almost everything
in there I bought with my hard earned
money ...

Burgundy flas Isola - Brown tote bag Coach
So, the 6 month rule ?
I don't think so.

Do you follow the 6 month rule ?


There is no way for me to know when I buy something 
if I will wear it right a way or wait years to do so.
Wera Stockholm skirt - Brown turtleneck 
Take this skirt for example, a vintage find 
from a trip to Poland almost two years ago.
 I adhered to the "if not worn in 6 months, give it away" 
rule, it would have been long gone by now.
Brown tote bag Coach - Gold flats Fabrizio Gianni
It was not until two weeks ago that I finally wore it.
The reason ? 
Well, let's just say that every time 
I reached for it, I did not find anything to match it...
It's made in Sweden by Wera Stockholm, a brand
that does not seem to be around anymore.  

What are you wearing today ?
When was the last time you wore it ?


A drink that certainly powers 
my workdays: coffee.
White jeans Polo Ralph Lauren - Heart sweater Forever 21
The funny thing is I will only drink 
it if there is air conditioner or its really chilly.
Red flats Stradivarius - Andy bag Carolina Herrera - vintage scarf
 I am also conditioned to drinking 
coffee mostly in working environments,
so usually its just on weekdays.

What's your power drink ?

Lanvin shirtdress

This dress had been out of 
rotation for years.
Printed shirtdress Lanvin - Grey suede flats Zara
Lately I have been reaching for it.
Mostly because it needs no ironing, 
its quite spacious and stretchy.

So when you see this one around, 
it means that I am on lazy mode.


Nube is the word for cloud in Spanish.
Blue top Mossimo - Grey trousers Red Valentino
Its also the name the clothes manufacturer
gave to the color of the trousers 
I am wearing today.
Grey heels Vince Camuto
A grey cloud also seems to be hovering 
above me lately...
So I am just trying to keep it together.
Maybe a strong wind will come and 
make it go away..

The roaring 20's..

A surprise birthday party with a 
"dress like the twenties" theme...
While I don't own a dropdown waist dress 
I figured a simple black slip dress could do 
the trick for posing as a lady from the 20's.
Black blue sheer slip dress Tiff Tiff - Vintage beaded bag
This one served its purpose, its about fifteen years old.
Fifteen. Never been worn for the last 7.
Black suede shoes Christian Siriano for Payless
Long gloves, a long strand of pearls, 
a feather headband and a French beaded 
vintage bag did the trick. 

Mind games

Oh, mind games.
Tahari floral print dress - Black cardigan H&M
According to Wikipedia mind games are 
"a conscious struggle for psychological one-upmanship
often employing passive–aggressive behavior to 
specifically demoralize or empower the thinking subject, 
making the aggressor look superior; 
also referred to as "power games".
Black patent shoes Zara 
That ability to make a person feel stupid.
Andy bag Carolina Herrera
So, you ever been that subject 
these are being played on ?

Did you become aware right a way or 
later on.. ? 

Flower print maxi

Maxi dresses are a must in my book. 
You've got to have at least one.
Blue flower print maxi dress H&M
They can be dressed up or down.
They're the perfect hiding place for unshaved legs.
You can be dressed with minimal effort 
in half a minute.
Brown tote bag Coach - Brown wedges Kenneth Cole Reaction 
Maxis are almost miracle workers ;) 


I wear matching items together all the time.
Meaning that if the skirt and shirt are the same 
print, are a set, I will always pair them together.
Vintage pleated peppermint skirt Liz Claiborne
Today I thought I'd wear this skirt, which 
is part of a vintage set with a jean shirt.
Blue jean button down shirt Tommy Hilfiger 

The skirt was actually a garment I had given up on.

It was going in the give away pile.
Red flats Stradivarius - Brown tote bag Coach
Same for the button down shirt. 
It was also going away.
But today I am having second thoughts. 


Sometimes I wish I could travel back in time.
Specially when I visit old buildings. 
Wera Stockholm vintage skirt - Kenneth Cole New York top
Nude pumps Flex - Coach brown bag
Today, after a productive work day 
we attended the launch of a jewellery collection.
No time to change, so the above turned into the below.
Bloomingdales vintage bag - Sam Edelman nude heels 
Just flipped shoes and bag.
The home the venue was held in is from 1925,
which translates to chandeliers, hand painted floors,
mosaics, tall ceilings and impeccable woodwork.
Whenever I see places like this I can only wonder who the
original owners were and what their lives were like.
I also imagine what it would be like to live there.
In 1925.

Everyone is cold

You know, I love them, but every single person 
I know and don't know seems to have them.
It makes me feel less like wearing them because 
they don’t feel like they’re mine. 
Zara jeans - Print top H&M tribute for Marimekko -
Red flats Bimba y Lola - Brown tote bag Coach 
I'm talking about the off the shoulder or cold shoulder trend.
Every other website has their version, in every other blog 
someone is wearing it.

It's not that I don't like it, but, do I have to go and buy the
latest trend ? or can I just wear my old stuff in a new way ?
I'm going for the latter.

Heart on your sleeve

Wear your heart on your sleeve.
Or not.
Zara jeans - Liz Claiborne striped shirt -
Blue sweater with read hear Forever 21 -
Red flats Stradivarius - Brown bag Coach

Oscars Inspired

Recently the opportunity to attend an 
Oscars themed birthday party came up.
Tweed and pearls dress INC International Concepts - Black suede heels Christian Siriano for Payless
Guests had to dress up as someone who 
had been nominated to or won an Oscar.
Black patent vintage bag
It did not take much to think of Breakfast at Tiffany's.
Its not everyday that you get to wear 
a crown and interpret Audrey Hepburn.

Quite casual

Most of my outfit posts are of what I wear to work.
NJDJ - White tshirt - Valentino blazer
I adhere to a laid back dress code, 
mostly depending on what I have scheduled 
for the week.
Brown bag Coach - Grey heels Vince Camuto
These days, its quite casual.

Trumpet sleeves

Trumpet sleeves have been 
making a come back. 
Vintage printed Escada blouse 
I had read about this a few months back so
when I encountered this Escada silk blouse
that fit perfectly, the timing seemed right. 
Worthington skirt - Yellow heels Tsubo 
My first time wearing it was today. 
Its probably circa early 2000's.
Andy bag Carolina Herrera
While I was not sold on the final look
I like to think that its best look is yet to come.