I cannot remember what year it was, but every other 
blogger had a bubble necklace. Bet you had one too.
Jeans Zara - White button down shirt Forever 21 - Silk on Shoes flats -
Bag Carolina Herrera - Teal sunglasses Kenneth Cole Reaction 
Thought I'd wear it today. I needed colour, 
seemed the easy way to go.
The questions is, does it make the look"dated".
Or do accessories hold a special status ? 


Sheila said...

I never had one of those necklaces, but I like big bold pieces, so if I were to wear one today, it would fit with my personal preferences. I don't think accessories date as much as clothing styles do, though. I love this fabulous necklace, and a simple bold piece like this can really add a nice flair to an outfit.

Mica said...

I think accessories tend to have a longer lifespan than clothes. Although in saying that, I have a 10 year old very obviously dated bag that I refuse to part with even though the trend has been and gone, haha. So I might not be the best person to give advice ;)

Away From The Blue Blog

Witchcrafted Life said...

Very pretty + chic outfit. This necklace is a head turning stunner and doesn't look "dated" in the slightest to me (great jewelry rarely does, IMO).

♥ Jessica

Beauty Follower said...

Wonderful necklace!


Elegance and Mommyhood said...

I will forever love the bubble necklaces. I joined the rend real late (almost 3 years ago). I have two smaller bubble necklaces and a larger one like yours but in royal blue. I think I have left mine behind in Albania though. I think this necklace is and will always look great against the white blouse. I have seen them recently pop up again on news anchors and local TV hosts.