My 2015 Closet Additions

I have to be brutally honest here.
I don't think I really needed to add anything 
to my overflowing closet, but I did:
I spent a lot more than the previous years but 
purchased less items and gave more thought 
into purchases, also had more items tailored.
I got rid of 12 bags, but did they really need replacement? 
The answer is NO, however the bags I did get, 
were of better quality.

In total I added 107 items into my closet vs those 
254 that were removed through my closet edits.
The fact that I removed so many garments was
a goal I had set for myself: 
Remove 200 items from my closet. Accomplished!

Now when it came to staying within a budget, I failed miserably.
My yearly budget had been set at 1,500.00 USD.
However, the total spent this year was about 2,791.13 USD,
about 700.00 USD more than last year 
and 1,200.00 USD over budget.

Wardrobe goals for next year ?
Downsize the closet, at least 200 more items.
Budget ? Keep it under 2,000.00 USD.

What are YOUR wardrobe goals for 2016 ?

My 2015 Closet Editions

I edit every month.
Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.
This is how I did in numbers, you be the judge...
*Edit: 129 tops
(forgot to include an Orange Free People 
poncho purchased in July 2012, that I gave away unworn).

Finally, 5 hair accessories and 7 pjs, 
totalling 255 pieces - looking back this 
is my largest closet edit.

I plan to get rid of about the same or 
hopefully more in 2016.

How are your closet edits coming along ?

P.S. I get asked a lot what I do with my clothes.
Most are donated, although lately I have 
been participating in flea markets and selling
some in a local consignment store.

December purchases

I have not been myself lately and it 
showed in my December shopping.

It all began as I entered Red Valentino and set 
my eyes on these pink glitter cherry motive flats, 
on sale for 86.25 USD from a marked price of 403.00 USD.
I looked them up on line and these are from 2013, they
fell apart (literally) the day I wore them, so I took them back... 
From the same store I also fell in love with these blue pumps.
Originally priced at 510.00 USD for sale in 109.14 USD. 
Red Valentino grey slim trousers originally priced at 317.00 USD, on sale for 77.84 USD  and a pink sweater for 103.80 USD - down from 485.00 USD.
A blue, white and red dress for 172.50 USD (pending altering) - 
priced originally at 806.00 USD and an orange one for 
134.00 USD (pending altering) - 629.00 USD original price. 
A blue dress for 155.15 USD (pending altering) down from 725.00 USD, probably from Fall 2014 sales. 
Two jeans. One blue and one white also from Red Valentino.
Both need altering, white 66.35 USD - original price tag 
of 310.00 USD (altering pending). The dark blue one for 78.11 USD
(original price tag of 365.00 USD)
Black skirt, 242.00 USD on sale for 51.80 USD, 
needs some altering.
A black Impressions of California vintage blouse for 3.00 USD and 
a thrifted one shoulder top from Elie Tahari 3.15 USD.
Also got some free goodies, like this jacket made in Italy from Pamela brand 
and a Esprit pair of trousers. 
A Metallic bag from Stella Rittwagen on sale from 380.00 USD, for 80.00 USD. 
Finally a thrifted bag from Carolina Herrera for 100.00 USD.

December estimate of 1221.10 USD - I have no comments.

December editions

My last closet edit of the year,
here it goes:
Orange laser cut top from Zara, purchased in 2011 for 
19.99 USD worn at least 8 times - it had a tiny hole at the seam.
A colour block top from H&M I was not loving.
(did an entire post about it here) 
A Lacoste button down shirt that was too tight. I'd like to think it shrunk ;)
A white Bbsp ladies top, worn a few times but I never really loved it.
Also gone are these two random tops - that I wore on weekends.
My last pair of 7 For All Mankind jeans is also gone.
Not only was it really tight but I no longer fancy the wash.
A tie-dye scarf that I never wore.
These plastic rose earrings cracked and the bead and wood
ones were no longer my style - wonder if they ever were.
An Italian murano glass butterfly necklace, 
never worn.
Follies sandals, got wet in a recent market visit 
and this did not work out well for them, 
purchased in July 2014, worn about 6 times 
for 3.99 - just about 0.66 cents per wear.
Marc Fisher flats worn at least 19 times, they just began to fall apart :(
Animal print Mootsie Tootsie flats purchased in 2011 were not really 
my thing anymore and the blue rose flip flops also began to fall apart.

There you have it: 15 items in December.

A Ride

If you are going to take someone
for a ride..
Dress Richard Chai for Target - Lavender cardigan Eileen Fisher
Just a bit of advice..
Pink glitter cherry flats Red Valentino - Carolina Herrera bag 
First of all, make sure they know it's just a ride...

and second:

Make sure they have fun too.

Fools rush in...

How's that song go... ?
Snake print dress INC International Concepts - Black toe flats Zara - Carolina Herrera bag 

"Wise men say only fools rush in..."

Real is

Real is never perfect.
Flower print skirt from Jolly Chic - Top - Carolina Herrera Bag -
Red Valentino cherry flats
Perfect is never real.


Don't stress the could haves.
Rainbow top vintage Nancy Brunetz - Shorts  Willi Smith - 
Flats Bimbo & Lola - Bag Carolina Herrera - Teal sunglasses Kenneth Cole Reaction
If it should have, it would have.

What if I fall ?

What if I fall ?
Green dress J. Jill - Brown sandals Habaneras
But, what if I fly ? 


Collect moments... 
Pink shorts Lacoste - Green tshirt Charter Club - Brown sandals Habaneras

Not things.