November Closet Additions

Another month. More stuff in the closet.
The story of my life. 
Palm tree print dress by Sweet 10.70 USD, 
since I did not try it on in the store, when I 
finally did at home I was not too convinced.
So, I might keep it or just pass it on.   
ASTR light pleather blue midi skirt 4.30 USD plus altering costs.
Burberry London skirt for 35.00 USD. Its big, but I fell in love with it. Plus
when I was in the dressing room trying it on, I was happy and excited, so 
I guess I wanted to capture the feeling in a skirt... 
The horse bit I told you about in a previous post, purchased via Etsy for 
9.95 USD plus local shipping (4.00 USD) total 13.95 USD.
A gold tone chain and textile necklace for 2.13 USD 
Polka dot Pop Cafe top for 10.70 USD and two piece salmon 
tone culotte set for 20.00 USD purchased on line.
From a clothes swap with a friend I got two pairs of 
Gap shorts which fit really good and a pair of 
khaki/brown Tommy Hilfiger trousers.
Also a metal belt, I had wanted for a while and which
now I have to think on how to style.
Also from a "trade" I got this fabulous handmade necklace
from Entre Nudos, which has as a pendant a vintage chandelier
crystal - I cannot wait to wear this!

12 items in the closet, total 96.78 USD

November closet editions

This month's editions started with the unworn 
belts taking up space.
A blue satin flower stretch belt I never wore and 
actually wonder what I was thinking of when I bought it.
Two brown belts that were worn but then just lost 
their charm. A striped cherry belt that I gave up on.
A thick pastel belt that never looked really good. 
A red suede belt that was worn so many times it wore out.
A leopard print belt and a zebra print one that were 
plastic and just did not seem to add value.
Three vintage belts that I held on to because they 
were gifts from my great aunt but that I really 
did not wear much. The big medal belt I sold for 6.00 USD at 
the flea market, as well as the silver stretch one.
Two small summer scarves from Guatemala that I 
just gave up on a while ago.
A vintage Burmel astrological scarf, sold at the flea market.
The best thing here was that the girl that bought it, tied it
on her head and she looked glorious ! I was so happy :) 
My really odd Ralph Lauren animal print scarf, an Asian cel 
phone bag, a fuchsia or hot pink Tommy Hilfiger cross body 
bag that was stained.
A brown and lavender clutch that was not really
getting any wear.
A burgundy Adriane Pappell clutch that was 
scuffed. It was a pity as it was such a great bag.
A Kenneth Cole Reaction snake print bag that fell
apart from sitting in the closet...
Additional accessories such as a Cameo and suede necklace, 
a matching coin necklace (sold at flea market) and 
earrings set and a black beaded one were also given away.
A textile necklace purchased in Argentina years ago also went in the bag.
Also gone are two bracelets that were no longer my style.
A turquoise Lacoste polo shirt that seems too short, a brown 
leaf print blouse by Mostaza that I no longer wore much of.
A fuchsia ruffle top from Uno Core, a blue striped dress that was
worn in dreadful moments and besides it being worn out I just
can't have it lingering memories over my head.

A black pair of trousers from Star City and a white pair of trousers
from Ann Taylor Loft - these I swapped with a friend - they fit her
waaaay better than me, so I was really happy to send them off to a 
new home. 
Finally my Me Too burgundy loafers.
They got at least six wears but, I'm done with them.
On the bright side a friend loved them 
and I let her have them.

33 items total 

The best disguise

A smile IS the best disguise for a terrible day.
Even if the a/c is off at work since 8:00 am...
Even if you're just moping around.
Printed skirt Anne Klein - Grey top Pretty Good -
Black cardigan H&M - Black patent shoes Zara 
Somedays I can actually pull it off. 

Closet swaps..

Over the weekend I met up with a friend.
Green shorts Gap - Black tshirt - Black flats Vera Wang Lavender - Black bag Michael Kors 
She has been losing weight and many of her clothes 
no longer fit her. So she gave me 3 items that fit perfectly.

One of them was this pair of shorts from Gap. 
In return she walked away with 2 pairs of shoes and 
2 pairs of trousers.
It's my first closet swap.

First time ever

So, I am in the parking lot this morning, 
where my pictures are taken

Blue dress self made - Blue bag Zara - Orange flats Bimba y Lola
As I set the timer on the camera, my neighbour Paul, shows up
and parks his bike a few meters away from me and says "hi".
I have no idea what to say. It's the first time ever someone just
shows up in the middle of my little private blog shoot.
I smile, say hello, ask about his wife and continue taking pictures.
He then comes up and asks if I need any help, I politely say that  I
am use to taking pictures by myself, but  reply "thanks for asking".
When I first started the blog, I could have dropped 
dead right there and then.
Nowadays, well I've got other stuff in mind 
or maybe I finally grew up.

Last year

Last year, around this time I was in Krakow.
Orange dress H&M - Grey shoes Zara - Off white cardigan Lacoste - White sunglasses Kate Spade
I fell in love with that city.
Besides that, I picked up a few garments.
One of them was this orange dress from H&M,
which I am wearing a year later, for the first time. 
Because sometimes the timing is off. 

"Unhad" Conversations

Do you ever arrange conversations in your head ?
You look forward to speaking to someone and then
that conversation is left there, in your head... 
because, well that conversation never happens. 
Jeans Unionbay - Extra large houndstooth print tshirt - Black blazer Theory -
Black patent flats Michael Kors - Black sunglasses Prada Baroque
WTF are you supposed to do with it.. 
With all of those untold thoughts and words, with all of 
those "unhad" conversations ? 

The Horse bit

I had been waiting for this horse bit to arrive 
in the mail for a while now.
Over a year ago during a trip to Argentina, while
boarding a plane, I spotted a very elegant woman 
wearing jeans and a white button down shirt. 
She was wearing as an only accessory, what seemed to 
be a Hérmes scarf around her neck and it was securely
tied with a horse bit, I guessed it could be the Mors, 
also from Hérmes.
Turquoise dress no brand - Yellow heels Tsubo - Italian printed scarf - Teal sunglasses Kenneth Cole Reaction 
I was so drawn to it that I walked up and complimented her.
She looked at me with crazy eyes and quickly said "Thank you".
Since then I began my search for this horse bit.
It took me a while. I searched the entire internet. 
Then I found the perfect one. 
Because you might think I am done with something,
and I gave up because I could not get exactly what I
wanted, but is actually in the back burner.