October closet editions

My closet edits for October proved to be difficult.
First of all, the garments were in great shape,
secondly many are trending right now like the gingham 
and striped prints...
Striped dress H&M too short, Black and white gingham blazer: 
bad fit, the drawstring sat at the wrong place. 
Forever 21 beige cardigan became slouchy, AGB nude 
dress odd fit at the waist too. 
Blue blazer striped by Forever 21, it was beginning to show wear and  
pink ruffly top from Forever 21 got little wear and was constraining.
A blue suit New York & Company and a Fire Los Angeles 
brand printed maxi dress. Suit I barely wore and since this
dress is high waisted its just not flattering.
Also a few flower textile pins and a wooden turquoise bracelet. 
Finally a Hello Kitty watch that got enough wear.

12 pieces.
Most likely I'll sell these at the upcoming flea market. 

The element of surprise

I've told you the element of surprise does not exist for me.
Black pencil skirt Apt 9 - Fuchsia ruffle top Core Uno -
 Electric Blue heels Charles Jourdan - Black patent bag vintage 
My intuition is far quicker… or so I thought.
For the first time in years I was totally caught off guard
and it was odd, frightening and kind of awesome…

Sharpened pencils

As I mentioned in the past, one of my first jobs
was in an advertising agency. 
Green draw string dress Spense Petite - Green flats Seychelles - Bag Trina 
The owner of the agency had this annoying thing:
she needed for all of her pencils to be sharpened daily.
Geometric gold tone necklace - Sunglasses Tommy Hilfiger
She had a huge pencil holder she
would look through every morning and 
from where she would choose the sharpest one…  
It still annoys me.
I had to sharpen them. 

This spot

I drive by this place every single day. For years (literally) I have said to myself
that someday I would stop there before opening hours and take a picture.
Flower print skirt Jolly Chic - Fuchsia tank top Apostrophe - Black cropped jacket H&M - Black patent shoes Zara - Black patent bag vintage  
Today was that day.
The day I took the picture at that spot.

Two things

There are two garments I regret giving away, ever.
Both were pre blog, so I can't share them with you. 
Printed skirt Anne Klein - Black cardigan INC International concepts -
Fuchsia ruffle top Uno Core - Purple bag Coach - Black patent shoes Zara  
One of them was a dark blue crested Polo Ralph Lauren blazer.
I gave up on it too early. I still imagine myself wearing it … 
The other was a vertical striped blue, black and nude trousers. 

Funny thing, even though we don't "talk about it " there are
still things in my mind that I cannot let go of. 

Any regrets on items edited from your closet ? 

In the sun…

I get to the mall before opening hours and
decide to use that extra time to take a few shots outside.

Printed maxi dress Fire Los Angeles - Purple bag Coach - Innovativi wedges
Its sunny, breezy… so I try to find an acceptable backdrop.
As I approach the green fence I have a few security guards start
walking my way...

These days it seems like anything and everything you do is being watched. 
Wooden beads bracelet - Tattoo bracelet
Like you are constantly in the sun, under the spotlight.. 

The Cathedral

This is probably the third time I take outfit pictures at the Cathedral.
Grey flats Zara - Mint bag Emilie M - Green draw string dress Spense Petites - Teal sunglasses Kenneth Cole Reaction  
I was in the area for a origami class, happens I am really bad a it.

I will easily admit what I am not good at, origami 
is definitely one of those things. 


When it comes to things I dislike,
I think the list is longer than of those I do like.
One of the things I dislike is someone making a promise 
and not living up to it or just not doing something you 
had committed to. As small as it may be.
Degrade maxi dress Lauren Conrad - White cardigan H&M - Innovativi wedges 
If you tell me you're gonna do something, I will
expect you to - I still believe in that 
"gentlemen's agreement" handshake that seals a deal. 
Mint bag Emilie M.
It says a lot about who you are and also about how
much you respect others. 
Well that's just me. 

Pure magic

I bought this skirt last weekend and unlike most
of my purchases I had the urge to wear it immediately,
even if it is a little big.

Polka dot maxi skirt Gracia New York - Black sweater C - Black patent shoes Zara - Vintage black patent bag
It took me from an early doctors appointment on to 
work, followed by a work event and ended in school.
I was in this skirt for over twelve hours.
It was pure magic. 

Stripes & Zebra

I 've been wanting to wear this white blazer
for a while. Its one of the oldest garments I have.
Its got to be at least 10 years old. 
Boyfriend jeans DKNY - Striped tshirt Talbots - White blazer ENC  
I like to wear whites often as its no secret that when 
white garments are not worn and washed regularly, 
well, they turn yellow.
Zebra print heels Bershka - Studded bag Kenneth Cole Reaction
 I paired my white blazer with jeans, a striped tshirt
and heels. 
It would have been so much easier to just
wear flats, but this outfit was meant to go to work.
As a final touch, I figured I'd add a hand made
Guatemalan scarf that I will be getting rid of.
Happy Thursday !

Flower Brooch reborn

I've missed out on every single Fashion Week around the globe.
In fact I am totally skipping FW where I live.

However, somehow I did not miss Gucci Resort 2016 and
I have to admit I totally loved it. I am pretty sure it was the 
vintage vibe, the fabrics, the wearability of the garments.
Or maybe it was the flower brooches worn to accent the collars.
I automatically fell in love with the flowers worn at the collar. 
So, I searched the drawers and came up with several
fabric flowers, that could help pull off the look.
Black high waisted trousers BCX - Zebra print heels Bershka -
Fuchsia ruffle top Uno Core - Grey studded bag Kenneth Cole Reaction  
For me it was the rebirth of the flower brooch.

Blue on blue

An old blue skirt and a new blue top
suddenly matched almost to perfection.
Blue boatneck top Charter Club - Blue skirt H&M - Brown tan flats Franco Sarto
To make the transition from one garment to 
another, I thought I would add a belt.
Beware of Sharks tote bag Kate Spade
This belt is a "souvenir" I brought back from a vacation 
to Marrakesh a few years ago, its braided leather and metal
and gets very little wear.

It reminds me I need a vacation.

Long Long

I went to the French market this afternoon,
an initiative to promote vintage and antiques. 

Lauren Conrad dress - Innovativi wedges - Beware of Sharks tote bag Kate Spade
I thought a long breezy dress would work.

However it was so hot and humid I felt like 
pulling my clothes off… 

Radio contest

So here I am sitting in traffic, listening
to the radio and happens they're hosting
a contest, whoever calls and answers to
a trivia wins a 3 hours self defence class. 
Jeans Saltworks - Light blue gingham button down shirt -
 Innovativi wedges - Beware of Sharks tote Kate Spade
I call, don't answer the questions correctly
but do laugh a lot - and the prize is mine. 
Defence class here I come.. 

Class dress code

Last week I attended a class in
critical thinking.
Green drawstring dress Spense Petite - Innovativi wedges 
So I show up, early as usual, class begins
and the professor starts explaining his "rules".
Beware of Sharks tote Kate Spade
One of them is a dress code for attending class.
No short skirts, no tank or midriff tops, no shorts, 
no low cut, nothing tight or "revealing".
Butterfly rhinestone hair clip - Beaded green and blue necklace
So, this morning I actually looked in the mirror several
times to make sure that my dress was not too short, I
certainly do not want to brake the dress code.