When it comes to things I dislike,
I think the list is longer than of those I do like.
One of the things I dislike is someone making a promise 
and not living up to it or just not doing something you 
had committed to. As small as it may be.
Degrade maxi dress Lauren Conrad - White cardigan H&M - Innovativi wedges 
If you tell me you're gonna do something, I will
expect you to - I still believe in that 
"gentlemen's agreement" handshake that seals a deal. 
Mint bag Emilie M.
It says a lot about who you are and also about how
much you respect others. 
Well that's just me. 


Sheila said...

I dislike that as well. Stick to what you said!

Love the scarf tied around the wrist - what a great idea for all those small vintage scarves (totally stealing this!).

Kim Alston said...

I believe in sticking with my word. Definitely know what you mean. Love your dress.

Mica T said...

Love the wrist scarf, and your maxi dress!

I used to tie scarves around my wrist, haven't done it in a while, should start doing it again before the weather heats up too much.

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