The Inventory

The idea of conducting a closet inventory terrifies me.
However with a little encouragement from Mica it 
was a lot easier, although I only counted the items
that were actually easiest to, as they were organised.
I started with shoes, I use to own over 100 pair of 
shoes but this time around I counted 75.

I was also able to count 35 scarves.

Adding up cardigans, blazers, the count was 68 pieces.

I also looked into sunglasses and 
sleeveless tops, these are the results:
I have dared not count anything else.
These numbers are striking enough for me.
I'd like to downsize for 2015.

How about you ?

Count and join Mica in her inventory challenge here.


Kim Alston said...

I LOVED Mica's inventory post! You are too funny Lorena! I was waiting for more numbers. I plan on taking an inventory of my beauty stuff.

La Tonta the Taylor said...

i've about 150 T-shirts, 12 dresses, 20 jeans, 60 pairs of shoes... you know... problems with shopping.

I need four closets in my room jajaja!

Hoy si te pasas en la casa de La Tonta RAJAMOS de los Globos de Oro. Picadito y breve que estarás cansada del tema. Te apuntas?
un saludo!

Sheila said...

I last did an inventory when I did my 30 for 30 for 12 Challenge. My numbers are similar to yours - I do cull my closet pretty ruthlessly every half-year. I think I have about 80 pairs of shoes right now.

Mica T said...

I am in awe at how many shoes you have - but it makes sense when I think of how often I comment that you have the perfect shoes for your outfit! :)

I'm not a shoe person so I have less, but that's only after having to get rid of almost all my heels after my knee injury.

Thanks so much for sharing your numbers and linking up, I am so fascinated to read and see what others closets are like! :) First time I tried an inventory I only counted dresses, got freaked out and stopped too haha so I know the feeling you had!

Away From The Blue

Shybiker said...

I'm embarrassed to admit my closet is as full as yours -- and I don't even get to wear the clothes out in real life. It's very easy to collect more and more.

Kelly Roy said...

I love inventories,too that I have lost count.I don't bother counting as long as I try to wear them as much as I can.There are more clothes in my closet to make more combinations than days in a year. The department I lack though is shoes. I have no more than 15 pairs both summer/winter. and I wear less than half.